Best brunch in Monmouth County?

Didn’t want to keep you hanging. Our brunch plans were once again ruined by the flu. No brunching for me now until after April 15th. Will keep your recomendation in mind for the spring.

Does anyone know if salt creek still has the snow crab for brunch? It’s been a long time since I have had brunch there.

Anybody tried Avenue in Long Branch for brunch lately ?

I have a friend that swears by Russell and Bette’s in Rumson but have yet to try them.

We’ve had brunch there a few times and have always enjoyed it. Love their bloody marys!

It’s been a while but we have always found their food well prepared. It’s one of our favorite local places.

Not a huge fan of the Schlossbach school of cookery. Also was looking for something with a view for out of town guests. Thanks for the prompt response and suggestion.


Yep, we like Avenue as well, but there are others on the board who dislike it intensely. Thanks for the prompt response.

Count me in that group. Years ago they all but ruined an anniversary celebration, well it’s a long story.

Still, every year the wife and I find ourselves there once. Too many years ago we both worked at the old Long Branch amusement pier, her as a waitress and me as a carnival barker, so we go and we reminisce. And, yes, it is a great place to take folks when view>food.

Hey just noticed Barnacles does brunch too:

Any experience with this?

$ 15.95 and includes a free mimosa or bloody Mary.

I’m not a fan of theirs (even though they have a great burger) but can’t speak to brunch because I’ve never had it. No view though unless you’re standing outside to gaze at the river.

We usually sit at the bar, which has a pretty decent view of the Oceanic Bridge.

We will see what the ladies feel like, the guest is still sleeping.

Yep. Lots of families with lots of kids. And, no real view.

Vk, I am not a big fan of the avenue at all. I work nearby and get roped into going there too often. Even for free, I am still not into that spot.

As for barnacles, I never knew they did brunch. I’m in Rumson as we speak. Maybe I will head over as I’m getting hungry.

Salt creek is my vote. Food is passable, seating is comfortable and spacious, venue is cool, and the view is nice. If I were entertaining, this would be my well rounded spot. Let’s face it, no brunch is going to wow you with food so other factors do play a roll in my eyes. I think they have crab too…or did a while back.

BB has steak & eggs, fruit & croissant with a complimentary bloody Mary and coffee for $ 15.95.

I’m thinking that’s gotta be a winner.

So I had to cook again.

Coddeled eggs, smoked sockeye, swedish herring, fresh dill, sliced tomatoes, potatoes au gratin, and steamed asparagus.

I never get a break.

Last couple times I did brunch, I cooked it myself. I actually prefer it that way.

“Eggs in the Hole”, Hollandaise sauce, sausage, fried tomatoes, and home fries.

The classic Italian peasant dish “Eggs in Purgatory”, with grilled polenta, and bread for dipping.


I’ve never been for brunch, but Sirena in Long Branch has stunning views from the dining room!

Also: If you like Indian food or if you’ve been wanting to try it, the brunch at Aarzu in Freehold really can’t be beat; it’s a lovely space with wonderful food, and it’s $13.95pp!

I finally made it to brunch at Molly Pitcher. It did not live up to the hype.

The carving station was pathetic. Lamb was well done and worse than cardboard. There was no roast beef, just a skirt steak that has some weird ass sweet marinade. And they had a fancy looking ham that tasted like every ham I’ve ever had. Only thing they had that was interesting was a selection of pates that were decent.

Out of the “traditional” AYCE brunch places, so far the best has been… umm… the name totally escapes me right now… it’s a large venue off 35 somewhere around Brielle/Wall area.

My favorite “brunch” spots are Indian buffets, dim sum, and Johnny Mac’s free omelettes.


Yikes. Sorry to hear that, it used to be quite good (if rather boring and stuffy.)
I’m with you on the dim sum.