Best brunch in Monmouth County?

Brunch is my favorite meal. It’s a leisurely way to start a Sunday (or the occasional Saturday). I’m always looking for new places in addition to my current favorites.

Everyone touts Molly Pitcher, and while it is certainly the Grand Dame of brunches in the area, it’s fairly traditional and quite expensive. We recently tried the brunch at Russell and Bette’s, Rumson (in the former What’s Your Beef) and found it almost empty, which is a shame because the food, the service and the ambiance are great. Their Bloody Mary’s were spicy (perhaps a bit more than I would have liked but good) and our dishes were superb. I hate their Cast Iron Casserole which consists of poached eggs, short rib, home fries, onions and Gruyere. Yum. My companions had steak and eggs, eggs benedict and the burger and all were happy. The coffee (by which I will often judge a restaurant, was top notch.

We’ve also recently enjoyed Meemom’s in Middletown on two occasions, and while the place has always been packed (around 11 AM) and we’ve had to wait up to a half hour to be seated, we really enjoy the food there. If you’re not on a diet, try the French Cakes – french toast dipped in pancake batter & fried, topped with powdered sugar & cinnamon. Their eggs benedict are among the best I’ve had (and I’ve had them many places). Get a side of the bacon, perfectly cooked.

We love the Inbetween Cafe’s (Red Bank) food too, but not so much a fan of sharing tables there.

And of course there’s always Amy’s Omelette in Long Branch.

What are your favorites?

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I’ve also enjoyed Meemom’s (in Wall), where there’s always a wait. But my friends who love the sweet stuff for brunch LOVE their french toast options.

In Asbury Park:
Cardinal Provisions has THE best chicken and waffles I’ve ever had. Period. Excellent coffee, as well. While it’s hard for me not to order the c&w, everything else I’ve tried from friends’ plates is spot on too…

Talula’s also does brunch, although if I’m staying in AP, I tend to go to Cardinal for brunch and save Talula’s for dinner. But it’s not like it’s bad… :blush:

I have to say this…don’t bother with Toast. PLEASE. It’s totally mediocre and overpriced to boot, and I’ve never understood how people will wait for standard (again, mediocre) diner food.

In Bradley Beach:
The Buttered Biscuit is a winner; it’s that simple. You can get all of the standards, but I’d recommend anything with one of their biscuits, and I’m a fan of their corned beef hash as well. They’re serving TM Ward coffee, which I’m also fond of.


The salt creek brunch is something to consider. It’s not cheap but the ambiance is there. You have water views, spacious and comfortable seating, good service and ample parking (with valet if you choose.) And I do like the outdoor fireplace.

I’m a carnivore so keep that in mind. You can get prime rib, another carving station meat, bacon, sausages, omelet station, crab legs and shrimp… and probably other stuff I am forgetting. This obviously comes at a cost. If your guests simply want pancakes and eggs, this is a giant waste of money. If you want to gorge on protein, then this might interest you. As far as a better venue, I’d say this takes the cake for brunches that I know of locally, but you do have to pay for it.


Oh I LOVE chicken and waffles. Sounds like I’ll be there next week! Totally agree about Toast!


I’d forgotten about Salt Creek’s brunch, although we just had dinner there. Not as costly as Molly Pitcher and the last time we were there for brunch (quite a number of years ago) I do recall we couldn’t eat our monies worth, but the food (and the view) was good.

Try gaslight if you like chicken and waffles. It’s a crispy boneless chicken thigh served with bacon and maple pork reduction iirc. It’s a little pricey at 14 or 15 bucks but it is tasty!

Dinner is not great at salt creek but it’s not bad. You’re paying the Rumson/water view tax. I wish they would one day hire an awesome chef. That spot has so much potential and I just can’t fathom how they can’t hire a chef to bring it to the next level. Then again, I guess if the traffic is there, why change what’s not broken :confused:

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+1 on just about all the options listed, esp BB in BB.

For a later brunch, At The Table in AP starts their Sunday buffet at 1. No waffles, but I’ve had the fried chicken at many places and theirs is right up there with the best.

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As far as brunch buffets go, I like:

  1. Kelsey’s in Atlantic City (Weekends)
  2. Old Man Rafferty’s in New Brunswick
  3. Nero’s Grill Sunday Brunch in Caesars in Atlantic City

Some of my favorite places to grab table service brunch are

  1. Comfi’s in Old Bridge
  2. Broad Street Diner in Keyport
  3. The Committed Pig in Manasquan/Morristown
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Can I get an update from one of my old Chowhound friends? I need a recommendation for Sunday brunch in Northern Monmouth County - 8 people, so probably looking for a place that takes reservations…

Best food may still be found at Belford Bistro. My go to spot for special occassion with a view place is The Molly Pitcher Inn. It may already be too late for eight at Belford Bistro, but MPI should work.

:thinking: There is no mention of brunch on the Belford Bistro website - says they open at 5 on Sundays…

I like The Kitchen Witch in Monmouth Beach.

I do too, but I think it is going to be hard for them to accommodate a party of 8 during the winter. Outside, they could do it, but I don’t think they even want to do such a large party inside on a Sunday in January. They don’t take reservations. Last Sunday the line was out the door and around the building waiting for tables. Luckily it was mild out. I don’t expect the weather will be as cooperative this coming weekend.

I’ve heard good things about the bottomless brunch at Mosa Social in Matawan, although I think it may cater to a young crowd - there’s a DJ there haha.

Depending on the palates involved, I’d highly recommend Reyla in Asbury Park for brunch!

Wow! Has it really been so long since I’ve been there? No more brunch at BB.

Sometimes we like to open the place and have brunch at At The Table in AP when they open at 1.

It’s beyond your brunch, but we have had a few great brunches at Russell and Bette’s in Rumson.

We got rescheduled for 2/25, too many in our group had the flu last month! I made a reservation at Russell & Bette’s; so I will let you know how it goes. We were all big fans of Market in the Middle back in the day. Never thought any of Ms. Schlossbach’s subsequent restaurants were as good as Market. Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised…

Look forward to hearing about your experience!

TOTALLY with you about Market AND about her other places. :grin:

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