Best bets at Panda Express?

I’ve never had Panda Express, but one opened here recently, and I figure I’ll give it a try eventually. Anything that I should get or avoid?

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I like the orange chicken and the Beijing beef, and the fried rice and chow mein can also be good… but you take your chances with the drive-through.

You’re much better off going in and seeing what has been freshly made and ordering some of that.


Orange Chicken
Beijing Beef
Honey Walnut Shrimp
Apple Pie Roll (for dessert)

Fried Rice
Egg Roll


Thanks for the suggestions. I think I’m going to get a 3 entree + 1 side plate when I go. Orange chicken, Beijing beef, and either string bean chicken or mushroom chicken for something less sweet. I’m assuming Orange chicken and Beijing beef will be fairly sweet. It looks like for the side, I can get half orders, so I’ll give the chow mein and fried rice a try(just the chow mein if I can’t get half orders.) I hadn’t considered the apple roll, but I’ll get one of those, too.

I’ll keep in mind the advice to see what looks good when I actually get in the restaurant. It will be take out, but I’ll avoid the drive-thru.

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I have yet to have anything that I thought was worthy of a recommendation.

Its not a burger or chicken sandwich…and its calories. Its not awful. I realize that’s pretty faint praise, but its all Ive got

Im just not a fan.


No, of course not.

Did you expect it to be a burger, or chicken sandwich, at Panda Express?

I mean if I’m disappointed when I go to In N Out and don’t get fried rice and an egg roll, that’s really a “me” problem and not an “In N Out” problem.


For me it’s always the fried rice, orange
chicken and chicken or beef w/ mushrooms. :yum: Haven’t had it in years. For oh 20 years my Sunday routine was to hop the bus to the mall, spend 1 hour browsing the Borders (now books-a-million) book store 'til the stores opened then 2-ish hours browsing Best Buy & other shops & then grab lunch at the food court.


Based on my one (1) visit, I liked the super greens, or whatever they’re called, and the “Sichuan” shrimp.


I read that totally differently as, “well, one thing it has going for it is it’s not these other run-of-the-mill things.” It provides calories and it’s different from a lot of fast food.


I’ve only ever eaten at Panda Express at airports, and then it was always the noodles plus something not battered, or just the noodles, which hit the spot.

iirc they used to have bourbon chicken on the menu (not battered, just chunks of grilled chicken barely sauced with a savory/slightly sweet flavor) – that was what I’d usually add, but I don’t see anything like that on the current menu.


The little Taiwanese burgers at a restaurant where the chef killed the manager in Toronto’s Chinatown were good, but I’ve never seen them offered at Panda Express or the Canadian Manchu Wok.

I find I can’t go back inside a restaurant or the same restaurant space after a murder takes place.

I still have not tried Panda Express. It’s on my USA wishlist, along with Waffle House.

If you ever visit, we’ll do a Panda Express + Waffle House Bang Bang.



Not to get sidetracked, but I feel that way about homes.

I can’t buy a home where someone died in, much less where a murder took place.

Yes, irrational.

And, yes, it’s totally a “me” problem.


I am the same way.

Best thread drift ever.

From Panda Express to MURDER!


Murder on The Panda Express!!!

Spoiler alert: the waiter did it!!!


Our surprise, not spoiler, was long ago learning that nearly all Panda Express locations are company-owned, not franchises.

Then there’s Wow Bao, apparently a shrewd operator’s (Lettuce Entertain You) creation that is more than it appears to be when you get behind its physical presence. That writ, Lettuce apparently once owned the departed Scottsdale baseball institution Don & Charlie’s.


Panda Express food is edible if you’re really hungry.

I never ate at the 24-Hour Pinecrest Diner in San Francisco … there used to be another 24-Hour one a block away, Pam Pam … I ate there a couple of times. Anyway, Pinecrest is still here. Here’s the very sad story: (victim had worked there 22 years, Cook/Perp 27 years) This happened in July 1997.

I read that they still don’t serve poached eggs.

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I’m trademarking that.

Called it here first, David Chang!!


I can’t believe I let that slide :sob: