Best bets at Panda Express?

This, 100%.

@ipsedixit I’m pretty sure we’ve been conversing for long enough that you fully know that I am not the girl who would walk into Panda Express looking for a burger.

I travel for work. A lot. Eating at fast food joints far more often than I prefer is an occupational hazard.

Panda Express is for me just another taupe fast food joint. Greasy, room temperature, probably fried, premade food heated from frozen, and seasoned so as to not offend anyone’s palate. Mediocre and bland.

But some days I just can’t deal with one more frigging burger or chicken sandwich.


I got take-out from Panda Express (two of the 2 entree plates.) I’ve had half of it and refrigerated the rest. Some of it was better than I expected it to be. I especially enjoyed the orange chicken and mushroom chicken. String bean chicken was decent, too. I liked the Beijing beef least of the entrees, but that’s mainly because I’m not a fan of bell peppers. The fried rice was pretty weak. Frozen Bibigo fried rice from the supermarket is much better than Panda Express’s. The chow mein was also not great. I’d just go for white rice as sides next time. The apple pie roll was good. It’s not something I would have purchased if it hadn’t been recommended on this thread, but I’d buy it again.


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I had black pepper Angus steak and honey sesame chicken breast. They were okay. I liked the black pepper Angus steak a bit better. The honey sesame chicken breast was inoffensive but fairly bland. I think my standard order from Panda Express would be a plate with orange chicken, mushroom chicken, white rice, and an apple pie roll, but I doubt I’ll be eating there again for a long time. Curiosity satisfied.