Bertuccis, Hazlet NJ

Just saw this today:

I know there is one of these in the Costco Plaza in Hazlet, but I’ve never been.

It doesn’t seem very busy when I go to Costco, though.

So many red sauce and dough places in this area, it must be hard for chains. I noticed Pizza Hut and Carrabba’s couldn’t make it either.

I’ve been there a couple of times, it’s like Olive Garden made a baby with Applebees but with no schticks like unlimted soup/salad/breadsticks. Or should I say… breadschticks?

Thank you thank you, I’ll be here all week.


Funny I passed the old Carrabba’s over the weekend and was thinking the same thing, that location has been empty a couple of years now. Basile’s from Freehold was the last restaurant that had a successful run there. I liked the concept Spaghetti Western that was short lived after Basile’s, steak and Italian combination. I’ve only stepped foot in Bertucci’s one time and that was to kill time at the bar while my kid was at the movies. (don’t judge me)


I went twice I think. It’s not too bad. I remember the wings were good. I forgot about the pizza so it wasn’t that great.

I’m partly surprised, partly not. They usually have a decent crowd, but as someone stated earlier, there are too many pizza/Italian places around, both chain and otherwise. I have never found their food to be outstanding, and it is certainly overpriced. Add a couple drinks to the mix, and you are paying out the wazoo for passable Italian food.

I went a couple of times with groups from work (20 years ago!). It was really loud, because the interior has no sound-soak or anything, and that is probably still true.

Really, restaurants seem to ignore things like vestibules to keep the cold out, or something to absorb the sound, or chairs that don’t make horrible screeching sounds when dragged (yes, I mean you, Comfi).

What’s in the spot directly after bertuccis? It’s that little strip mall. Last time I think I saw some sushi burrito place.

Nevermind. I found it. Fuku

Greg any Intel on this joint?

Been meaning to try them. They seem to have good reviews online, and pictures I saw them posting to their Facebook a while ago looked beautiful, like edible works of art. Alas, there is never anyone in the parking lot. I don’t know how they stay in business.

That location seems to be death for any and all. I have lived in this area since 1994, and places have come and gone. It was Gregory’s Seafood Restaurant for a while, then a slew of others including the Mad Greek, Gardenia Grill, Pizza Lulu, and now Fuku, all within the last 5 or 6 years. There’s probably a couple more I’ve forgotten. Kind of profound when you think about it.

Just be careful how you pronounce the name of the place. Fuku too! :slight_smile:

That location is just awful. You buzz by it once you pass the phone store and no one is ever going to see it from the road.

The pictures are incredible though…to the point where I’m wondering if they are simply “glamor” shots posted by the restaurant.

@CoachDonna I think you should take one for the team and give an omakase night a try :wink:

We’ve eaten at Fuku several times. Stumbled upon it one day, and liked it well enough to go back twice more in a two week period. The food is quite good. And fresh. We probably will try having omakase there, but we’ve decided to bite the bullet and give the sushi chef at Yumi a chance. We were there with friends and asked about it, and the waitress (who was very informative) said to count on at least $100 a person. Probably can’t happen for a few weeks, but stay tuned.

Sounds like fun! I am interested in how you like it and how you think the value is.

There’s a whole thread on it, I think you even posted in it (nice tuna photo​:+1::+1::+1:) …

It’s Fujianese NJ sushi taken to a whole new level.

Home of the sizzling scallop on a stone…

I went to the one in North Brunswick once, more than 10 years ago. I didn’t dislike it but nothing about it made me ever go back.

They say the mind is the second thing that goes…

I can’t even remember what day it is lol

Maybe I will try this sushi spot soon.

Fwiw, I’ve never seen escolar at any Monmouth county places except the old sushi joint that was red heads back in the day (Middletown)

The stuff is pretty good.

Red Heads was one of the first non-Asian restaurants that offered sushi, I never trusted it.

Just to note, the place I ate escolar at was the sushi palace I think…the old red heads location.

95%, probably more, wouldn’t have a clue if you served them albacore or escolar…or something else lol

Everyone *most places has escolar on the menu…they call it white tuna.

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Really??? Ha! You learn something new everyday! What is the reasoning? People just “trust” tuna more?

I think you know this, but white tuna is albacore. Esoclar is actually a mackerel but places do call it white tuna. I don’t see much Escolar around here. I’ve only seen it in one place. It tastes better than albacore to me. You can serve anyone around here a white fish and call it tuna. They will have no clue. Half the fish in restaurants is not what they say…well maybe not half but I’d say 30%.