Bertuccis, Hazlet NJ

Because they call it White Tuna!!! Duh…(I’m full of useless information you know)

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White “Tuna” = Escolar

I see White Tuna everywhere: Sono, Fuku, Yumi, Taka… Everywhere!

And often some good calls…

Hey, does Bertuccis serve White Tuna ???

No they only have escolar.


In defense of Ceej, according to Wiki Waki you only have an 84% chance of getting Escolar if it says White Tuna on the sushi menu.

Given the consequences of it actually being Escolar, however, that’s not a risk I’m prepared to take.

We can have a Monmouth County escolar crawl!

We will need @NotJrvedivici 's emergency planning map to chart a course…

When you go can you take some pics? I want to see if you also get any of the elusive escolar there

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What would dinner be without photos? I think most places actually call it butterfish instead of escolar. And once or two slices is fine (and quite delicious actually)…more than that…have a doctor on call.

I was just looking at the menu and yes, yumi has white tuna. They even have a ceviche dish with it. I wonder if the chef will hook you guys up lol

White Tuna.

Where omakase meets kamikaze…

I see a lot of White Tuna on menus around here, not so much butterfish. Either name is misleading. As Ceej has noted, it’s actually a species of mackerel.

An indigestible species of mackerel.

We might as well make a separate tuna thread at this point, or perhaps “the official NJ Escolar lovers thread”

Vk I think it’s time for a snake mackerel avatar

Forget escolar crawl. I think we should park ourselves at a place like Mizu, where you can do all you can eat escolar, and see who can down the most. Now that’s an eating challenge I’d like to see.

Wow…that would be impressive…The escolar challenge. Im not calling anyone out this time lol.


So at ShopTite in Mtown I noticed they have ripped down the old optometrist’s building which is now according to the fence signage the future home of Moe’s.

What’s a Moe’s?

Moe’s Southwest Grill is a chain.

Well there you have it. It’s a chain. I haven’t heard of this place until @RGR mentioned it.

I wonder how this place will do against the long standing chili’s a mile away. Then there is chipotle down at the next light after chili’s.