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The Mexican restaurant at the bottom of Solano (where Eugene used to be) is gone. It didn’t last long. I had dinner there once and we agreed that Talavera’s mole was better.


The French “traiteur” La Bedaine has reopened. The owner/chef had a stroke last June, and he’s going to ease back into full production.


Not very appetizing to me, but this is the brain cake from Itty Bitty Bakerry.

Photo from Yelp.

(Jeane) #166

Methinks it’s a cake only sculptor Clayton Bailey* could love, LOL!

* Local ceramic artist Clayton Bailey has long been famous for his extremely…er, eccentric sense of humor in his work:


Bangladesh and various harder to find Indian and Pakistani dishes at Munch India. They even got a murgh Hakka noodle. I’d love to eat there if I live closer. Anyone been?

‘the menu, which rotates every two weeks, will also include dishes from Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, Lucknow, Mumbai, and more’


Saw a “change of ownership” sign on Lalime’s window yesterday.

(Jeane) #169

Re Lalime - according to long-time owners, an investor has joined them, necessitating the legal notice. No changes are planned in menu or kitchen.


Oh, good to know. I thought he might be retiring.


Which reminds me: they started (or restarted?) weekend brunches. I had a pretty good shakshuka on Sunday, and other menu items looked good as well. Prices are reasonable.