[Berkeley] Berkeley Burgers

Marin Pizza on Gilman is now Berkeley Burger. They’re keeping the Marin Pizza menu and adding a line of burgers. Today’s lunch was ok, $9.95 for a burger, fries and drink, but they wouldn’t cook it medium rare for me, and it was a little dry. Next time I’ll ask management why they can’t cook to medium rare. The fries are a big improvement over Farmburger’s.

I didn’t report on the pizza, which I’ve had a few times now. It’s quite good, thin crust, decent sauce. They have a pizza lunch special as well, a 7-inch pie with a side salad and drink, also at $9.95. Aside from the lunch deal, pizzas are $12.95 for 10-inchers.

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If not med rare how did they cook it then?

“medium”, which meant a small section of pink with most of it gray. The problem is compounded by the fact that they use grass-fed beef, which is leaner and can dry out quickly.