Benefits of traditional tangine shape vs stewpot

Hello all. I am new here. Please help me understand any unique benefits to cooking a stew in a “big hatted” traditional tangine pot vs a European stewpot. I find myself lusting after the trad tangine for its shape, but cannot justify it from function. Is it the volume of air above the cooking ingredients? Etc. I make stews in the oven with an old Staub pot.

What am I missing?

Welcome, and I have no idea, so I’ll be following this thread :wink:

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Whilst I cook North African food now and again, I’ve never felt the need to invest in a tagine. Of course, it looks prettier when you serve it up at the table but I’ve not thought it offered any particular advantage over a normal lidded casserole. I’ve always understood that the traditional shape of the lid is intended to allow steam to condense and drip back down into the stew - but I reckon any lidded casserole works in the same way.


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I think you pretty much nailed it. A tagine (or tajine) pot is pretty but offers no functional advantage on a European stewpot and is less versatile IMHO.

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Thanks everyone. I will save my pennies to have some copperware retinned.

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