[Belmont] Falafelle- Lebanese takeout

Falafelle is a tiny little Lebanese takeout joint on Ralston in Belmont near the city hall. It has a couple of tables inside and a couple outside. We got the Falafelle combo (6 falafel+hummus+dolma+tabbouleh) with an extra scoop of babaganoush (+$1), and Container (not pictured, 6 falafel + hummus + veggies).

The vegetables used in the dish was fresh, so it showed in the tabbouleh. I will give the edge to the nearby Mediterranean Delite for their falafels but Falafelle’s are also pretty nice with it made from soaking chickpeas and making from scratch. Hummus and babaganoush was pretty nice. Pita was the thick fluffy type.

Would happily come back, though their biggest weakness is they put the different dishes all in one box, so those with running juices like salad, messes up the other ‘drier’ dishes like hummus, falafels.


First a Hungarian food festival, and now now a falafel joint. Is Belmont becoming the new hotbed of ethnic cuisine in the Bay Area? :laughing:

I was surprised that Saratoga now got a cross-the-bridge noodle joint, in addition to a real Indonesian cafe. Maybe that’s where the action is.

I think the gluten-free craze has driven the boom in rice noodle joints. I hope pho is benefitting too.