BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?


I enjoyed a few of Cascade’s sour beers when I was in Portland at their barrel house. Don’t remember what I had though. Did you like the saison? It’s cool that you can get their beer in Europe - cost of importation may factor into the price. I haven’t found any of their beers here in San Francisco but haven’t been looking very hard.

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It was OK and am glad I tried it. My expectation was a bit too high, I guess. It didn’t blow my mind, at all. It’s 1 of the MOST expensive beers my pub ever taps.

Didn’t know it’s hard to find. I shall ask the brewer to ask Cascade if they could ship more over in the future. Who knows, but if you don’t ask then you’ll never get it either.


We are practically drinking these Cambodia beer every day during our 10-day stay in Cambodia - Anchor and Cambodia. Taste wise they are both pretty mild and light, husband once bought an Anchor black, taste was completely different, much more intense and getting closer to an European beer.

Rarely, there is another one called Angkor. I didn’t see them very often.

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Fort Point in San Fran. A nice summer red ale.

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My favourite red beer in Nuremberg. Pub is great, too.

@naf, I recognise Angkor and Anchor from my trip. Vietnam has an established craft beer scene now (not when I was there).

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Beer with dinner today. A saison. Still prefer Dupont. Used to have that on on tap.

Some Belgian beers still use wrappy paper like this. Food was Gochujang marinated lamb ribs, homemade radish kimchi.

More beer photos tomorrow. I’ve only just realised the time.


A few beer we drank in Vietnam.

Saigon red label, green label, Special. The best among them is the Special, more refined and round.

Notice the difference between the 2 bottles? They were stored very cold, one the them was tapped below the bottle before opening, the one without tapped, the beer was still half frozen, the way how the Vietnamese preserved a cold beer.

Tiger beer from Singapore

Dai Viet is a dark ale style beer, brewed in Thai Binh.
Huda is a antoher Vietnamese beer, I read afterwards the Hué brand (brewed in Hué too) is acquired by Carlsberg.

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I don’t recognise Dai Viet and Saigon “Special”. Before the craft beer scene Vietnam already had an established beer drinking culture. They used to tap it directly from a keg, container, or whatever it is used to store the beer which is lower in alcohol content and can’t be kept for long. It is served on pavement and Biergarten-style places. Not sure if these places still exist now that many places are catered to capitalist tourists and hipsters.

PS: I meant wraping papers in post above.

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I used to think I would drink all my good or rare beers with Dreamgirl but she does not exist so now I’m drinking it all one by one. Have been doing it for a couple of years now, actually. Won’t be able to drink it all this summer but am going to try whenever possible.

Bottled in 2009. It has mellowed out a lot since then.

The beer terrorists on beer forums would probably pounce on me about the glassware but I do it to get a rise out of them. Then when they see my Cantillon beer and Cantillon glassware stash they STFU.

Beautiful sunset and beautiful beer, without Dreamgirl.

Last week at the pub. Pelasku Velns is a herbal dark ale from Latvia. Why does everything “herbal” taste repulsive?!

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Whoa. The most expensive beer my pub ever taps. Has anyone had it? (Abraxas)
15cl/eur. 6,50 = 2 US oz/US$7,40

The tall glass closest to my right is Abraxas.

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In short:

  • Mosaic pale ale
  • Cherry sour ale
  • BA imp. stout
  • IPA (papaya, apricot, mango)
  • “Wild ale” with some spruce tips
  • IPA blood oranges

Today is the 20th, I wrote 18 for some reason.

Picked up 5 new travel guides on my way to the pub. Right after making this ph oto I reached over to grab the books and knocked over the cherry beer (bottom right, 2/3 full). The beer hit the 2 thickest books.

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Not to be confused with the Indonesian Anker. I had their stout the other night. Not bad but having had Lion stout in Sri Lanka all other stouts in Asia pale in comparison. Makes a change from lager though.

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Nothing outstanding this week. The pub is trying to get rid of the rest of Alvinne crap. I rarely drink Belgian beer now, save for some sours and Trappist.

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Last night shortly after my arrival here in Krakow, Poland. The APA (left) is better than the lager.

Managed to make a photo of the taps (of the 2 beers I had). “Restaurant” was constantly busy with people blocking the taps and my camera’s battery was dead. It died directly after this photo.

Next 2 beers after the above, at the same place. Litovel is a Czech Weissbier. The other is also nice, a Czech lager. Czech beers are consider more “superior” here, according to Poles.

Back at the lodging. A nice wheat IPA from a Krakow brewery. I haven’t had one of this quality at home, which says a lot.


Interesting remark. Do you agree?

So how’s Meat & Go? I think you aren’t into restaurant posts, but would like to know more about the Krakow restaurants scene! Hope you don’t mind writing a paragraph or 2 on the places you have visited in the Europe board.

My last time to Krakow, I was 26 and don’t remember a thing about the food I ate there. I only remember I like the city a lot, pretty laid back, I spent my days just sitting in the square watching people and the birds. I used to be a big fan of Kieslowski’s films.

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Krakow, along with Warsaw, is a craft beer mecca for Poles. I have had mostly good craft beer here so far. I think Poles prefer typical Czech beers over their own industrial/massed produced kind.

My book says Warsaw is the food capital and Krakow is a a food paradise by Poles standards. The food scene here is massive now. Being the most touristy city in Poland also helps.

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From last thursday. Wild Beer brewery usually has good stuff. Their imperial stout with caramelised miso and tonka beans was nice (and pricey!) but I could hardly taste the miso. What are tonka beans supposed to taste like anyway? I have just read up on tonka beans. Interesting. It is also used in place of vanilla. I have never had it.

Got a 1 litre of Easy Answers IPA freshly tapped for me to take home.

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Not my first time but it’s my last bottle. Gonna make it to Stralsund one day and drink all their beers on tap. We have plans to see some more Hansa towns in northern Germany in a near future. Not a region that is popular with foreign tourists, which is too bad -for them.


We didn’t a lot of beer back in our trip in Hong Kong. Most restaurants impose tea. (I have complained about it here).

This was a beer from Harbin, and drank with a “competition rice bowl”! Harbin is China’s northernmost province. It has the word “win” or “cheers” in the bowl. Quite fun. Couldn’t say the beer was great, a light taste and mild.


With our stopover in Finland, we had these in the restaurant Juuri.

Ohrana - draft beer form Helsinki with quite a character

Teijo IPA 6,9% Mathidedalin Kylapanimo, Mathildedal

Husband’s choice, I didn’t particularly like it, with a bitter note.

[Helsinki, Finland] Lunch at Juuri