[Helsinki, Finland] Lunch at Juuri

Our stopover in Helsinki in late June permitted us to have 2.5 meal there. In order to able to have an early lunch and catch the plane to Asia, we pretty much skipped the breakfast. With limited time, it was not easy to make up our mind for restaurants, so many choices! We opted for more local experiences, and tried to find “typical” Finnish food. We saw many recommendations on Juuri, it has pretty good review even with the local foodie site eat.fi . Also it offers a specialty that I saw few restaurants offer: Sapas, the Finnish take on tapas.

We took 1 menu with 3 courses and 3 sapas to try taste more dishes.

Starter: Pike perch with potato and whey

Main course Arctic char with potato

Desserts, Finnish cheeses from small producers

Sapas: Beef with onion

Sapas: Salted horse with rhubarb

Sapas: False morel with arugula: it is in fact crispy liver meatball

We ordered 2 local beer to go with the meal. More about the beer here

On the whole, we felt that they used good Finnish products, with a modern presentation. Bear in mind that glass ware were Marimekko, the famous Finnish design brand. The cooking was precise and quite refined. I liked especially the fish dishes, not overly complex, yet tasty, the cooking let the ingredients shone.

The lunch menu was 29€ and sapas 7,8€ each. Beer 8,5€. A quite satisfying meal, and within our budget. We have reserved with the restaurant website, I saw some walked in tourist without reservation was able to have a table. (Bear in mind that it was Monday noon). I saw many locals eating in the place, with a few tourists. Not overly touristic. The restaurant has small tables, like a gastro bistrot setting.

Korkeavuorenkatu 27,
00130 Helsinki