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It is so easy to get excellent beer in craft beer shops or shipped to you that there is less and less “need” for home brewing (home brew associations have seen a significant decline in memberships over the last several years). I spend to prefer my time on food related hobbies where it is harder to get a large variety of excellent products

Yeah, easier being a critic than a creator.

Triple Dank Shark by Great Notion Brewing (Portland, OR) - Triple Hazy IPA

Great collaboration between Alvarado and GN with, not surprising based on the name, a heavy hit on the dank, piney, herbaceous part but still well balanced with some pineapple notes upfront. Very smooth mouthfeel with a long lasting, dry and quite bitter finish.


Glad that you are only commenting in this board on things you created at home

Not as the preeminent beer critic and judge, though.

I think you’re like those wine authorites who never taste with food.

This food board is so irrelevant from a bigger perspective wrt reach and impact that your comment is really telling a lot about you.

I guess you are one of these persons who thinks
because you “met” somebody virtually you know this person also in real life - again tells a lot about your mindset

Speedway Stout - Affogato Edition by AleSmith Brewing Company (San Diego, CA) - Imperial Coffee Stout

If you have lived in San Diego and have some interest in craft beer it is very likely that you know and tasted Speedway Stout from Alesmith. It is a classical imperial stout with dark coffee, dark malts, bitter chocolate and some hints of sweetness like dried fruits. This affogato variation adds some espresso notes in the very finish and lights the stout with some notes of vanilla which are relatively hidden. Overall an excellent stout but nothing which really improves it significantly to the original version

Thanks to you, I learned that a “porch bomb” is an eagerly-awaited courier home delivery of canned beer.

Now THIS is telling.

The Steam isn’t even that great; just a nice chunk of history to try. Hope they make it.

The raw ingredients have gotten pretty spendy. Why I’m not brewing anymore. Maybe when I retire.

After a hiatus, Sierra Nevada’s Summerfest is available again this year, until July. It’s a crisp lager, almost a pilsner.


Double Citra Daydream by Other Half Brewing Company (Brooklyn, NY) - Double Milkshake IPA

Citra juice bomb with oats addition for an outstanding smooth mouthfeel. Citra cryo are really pushing the citrus and floral notes with a dry, relatively low bitterness - Outstanding Milkshake IPA

Phoenix - Strawberry Daiquiri by Mortalis Brewing Company (Avon, NY) - Smoothie Sour

Strawberry Daiquiri is a nice cocktail for hot weather - with close to 100F today it was the right time to drink the sour beer version from Mortalis which hits all the right notes of fresh strawberry, lime, some sweetness but well balanced with quite a lot of tartness from the sour.

Protocol by Phase Three Brewing (Lake Zurich, IL) - Hazy DIPA

Nice tropical flavors of passionfruit, honeydew and peach upfront which lingers throughout the sip but gets balanced with some grassy notes and a dry, relatively low bitterness finish. Overall good DIPA which leans more on the sweeter side and could benefit from a notch more bitterness in the finish

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Yesterday I had a can of Fieldwork Galaxy Juice NEIPA, picked up at their San Leandro, CA taproom. Really nice - fresh and juicy.

How would you score that color and turbidity?

We’re So Old Fashioned, a barrel-aged Berliner Weisse-style ale (imagine!) from 903 Brewers in Texas. It didn’t taste sour at all–it’s strong (10% ABV) and packs the wallop of a cocktail. I thought it would be good on a hot day like this, but I think it’s meant more for cellaring.


Sing Swan Song by Bizarre Brewing (Seattle, WA) - Pilsner

Very smooth but also quite mild pilsner with a slightly sweet malt backbone with hints of biscuit. Again quite mild spiciness/herbaceous bite in the second half with hints of lemon. Not really bad but a bit too bland

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Peaches’N Cream by Evil Twin Brewing NYC (Ridgewood, NYC) - Fruited Sour

Flavors are very close to what one would expect from peaches and cream with some vanilla in the background. Relatively sweet and would benefit from a stronger tartness to get a better balance (but there is still a reasonable tartness already)

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Lupo Luggage by Alvarado Street Brewery (Monterey, CA) - Hazy DIPA

Interesting collaboration from Alvarado which focuses only on NZ hops and produces a quite complex flavor profile - it starts with tropical juiciness but then it gets quite dank with notes of spicy herbs, weed and even hints of tobacco. But there is still some fruitiness in the background. Dry, medium-high bitter finish. Overall great and quite intense DIPA