Beer (2024) - our daily liquid bread

Loophole Technicality by Hop Butcher For The World (Chicago, IL) - Hazy DIPA

Quite a lot of stone fruit (peach, apricot) upfront (but relatively little sweetness) that gets taken over by pine, floral and near vegetal flavors. Dry, medium to high bitterness finish with some malt notes in the background. Good hazy IPA but there is a hard to describe vegetal component which comes a bit unexpected.

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When in Rome…
This was fine, light with a real watermelon taste. Good hot weather beer.


Double Mt. Nelson by Cellarmaker Brewing Company (Oakland, CA) - Hazy DIPA

Nelson hops have this interesting flavor profile of citrus, grapes, some tropical fruits and some herbal aromas (with even hints of weed) and this hazy IPA nice captures this profile very nicely and balanced with a dry, medium-low bitter finish.

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My latest fave (for the last few years) has been Supper Club, by Capital Brewing in Madison, WI. Just a “safe” lager, but so tangy and perfect for hot weather. Love it. Can doesn’t look as cool; but the beer’s good.

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Today I had a Ripe from Great Notion out of Portland OR. Fresh and peachy.


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Over Ripe Fruit in the Can by Great Notion Brewing (Portland, OR) - Smoothie Sour

Fantastic smoothie sour with the right balance of fruitiness by the addition of mango and mangosteen but also a strong tartness from the sour. Good substitute for a mango lassi and good pairing for some cooked Indian food.

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Hedorah by Ogopogo Brewing (San Gabriel, CA) - NEIPA

Very smooth hazy IPA with pineapple and peach notes upfront (but relatively moderate) before some floral flavors come up to the front which even have hints of weed. Dry and low bitterness finish. Very drinkable NEIPA which could be a bit more assertive in the flavor profile.

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Paloma Pizzazz by Alvarado Street Brewery (Monterey, CA) - Fruited Imperial Sour

Cocktails (especially those with a sour component) can be an interesting inspiration for fruited sours. Alvarado has some quite successful examples and this Palomar inspired sour also didn’t disappoint and captured nicely the overall cocktail profile with notes of grapefruit, lime, agave (syrup) and tartness from the base.

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Yesterday I had a glass of Fourth Press by Private Press Brewing out of Santa Cruz, CA

It is a blend of barrel aged barleywines and stouts, and it did taste like a mix of barleywine with a bit of raisin-ness and also the toasty dark chocolate of an imperial stout. I liked it.


Looks like a small glass but at 15+ ABV that might be not a bad thing :wink: (or did you also have some other beers ?)

Yes it was a 6 ounce pour which was enough since it is about as strong as wine. I did have another beer but I have forgotten about it :woozy_face:

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Speaking of liquid bread, any fans of kvass?

Yesterday I had a Juice Never Sleeps NEIPA from Cellarmaker out of Berkeley. Very juicy. Grapefruity. I like it.

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It’s a pre bedtime beer. Savor it.

I always wanted to try it. You ever have it?

Had a couple of Russian versions, and a Chinese one.
Too sweet, and not refreshing for me.

Yeah, friends of mine who’ve tried said I’d be less than impressed. I’ll stick with beer.

Here’s some beer I drank this weekend:

Wondrous Spring Bock from Wondrous Brewing out of Emeryville, CA. Malty with honey like sweetness, bright and fresh. Really nice.

Pale Dry Lager from Moonlight Brewing out of Santa Rosa, CA. Indeed dry, a little hoppy, light, crisp, refreshing. Crushable.

Electric Lettuce, an imperial NEIPA from Moonraker Brewing out of Auburn, CA. Lots of ripe fruit, a little boozy. I like it.

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Dream in Green by Other Half Brewing Company (Brooklyn, NY) - Hazy IPA

Other Half IPAs often find a good balance between being tropical/juicy but not going overboard and still have a good hop bitterness. This one is not different with well balanced notes of lychee, papaya and orange but also grassy, slightly piney flavors, a malty background flavor and a dry, medium bitter finish. The oats and lactose give a very creamy and smooth mouthfeel without really adding sweetness.

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Riot Punch by Alvarado Street Brewery (Monterey, CA) - Hazy DIPA

Quite tropical fruit forward IPA with broad range of fruit flavors (peach, passionfruit, mango, berries). Some relatively restrained piney dunkness which could have been a bit more pronounced. Dry, medium bitter finish - overall a little bit unbalanced and missing a more bitterness and pine character

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