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DDH to Taste by Alvarado Street Brewery (Monterey, CA) - Hazy DIPA

Anniversary collaboration hazy IPA with a very smooth, nearly creamy, mouthfeels and loaded with tropical fruits (mango, peach, passionfruit, orange). Some grassy, nearly floral notes, in the second half of the sip and a dry, but low bitterness finish. Nice hazy which would have benefited from a bit more bitterness in the finish

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More than just a phase by BlackStack Brewing (Saint Paul, MN) - Hazy DIPA

Very clean and soft tasting hazy DIPA with tropical aromas of pineapple and orange. Balanced by a good piney flavors and a dry, medium bitter finish. Overall very crushable IPA.

Otter Milk by Great Notion Brewing (Portland, OR) - Milk Stout

Relatively watery milk stout with some chocolate and roasted malt flavors. Some cocoa nibs and malt taste with some astringency in the finish. Overall underwhelming milk stout.


What’s ‘crushable’ mean?,to%20go%20back%20for%20more.

An easy-going, super-drinkable beer. These are well-balanced beers with low-to-medium alcohol by volume (ABV), but tons of flavor that make you want to go back for more.

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A Tiny Dankster from Cellarmaker, a lighter version (5.7%) of their Original Dankster DIPA. Refreshing, crisp, a little dry, and crushable.


Neoblaster by Equilibrium Brewery (Middletown, NY) - Hazy DIPA

Orange juice forward start with additional flavors of pineapple and papaya before a heavy dose of dank, deeply piney tastes and a dry, medium bitter finish. DIPA which maps out extremes with heavy fruitiness and very dank counter balance.

This meaninglessness is getting worse.

A Monkish Island - DDH hazy pale ale with Citra hops. Refreshing, light and crushable, with a hint of citrus and maybe peach.

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Personal Space by Anchorage Brewing Company (Anchorage, AK) - Triple Hazy IPA

Nice example of using phantasm powder in IPAs (while using Nelson hops) - tropical flavors are quite dominant throughout the sip (mixture of papaya, melon, peach, lychee and pineapple) with some herbal notes more in the background. Prime example if a “fruit bomb” without going overboard.

Jelly not Jam (Banana, Pineapple, Coconut) by Burley Oak Brewing Company (Berlin, MD) - Fruited Sour

Very well balanced sour heavy on the tartness with pineapple and banana giving some fruit flavors without much sweetness. Coconut adds some interesting earthiness in the finish.

Traffic Signals in New York are just Rough Guidelines by Evil Twin Brewing NYC (Ridgewood, NY) - Hazy Triple IPA

Good representation of riwaka hops with stronger citrus notes combined with some sweetness before herbal flavors and a dry, medium bitter finish. Overall a bit “middle of the road” triple IPA which could have used much more bitterness to make it better balanced.

On and On Part 3 by Revolution Brewing (Chicago, IL) - Stout

Quite complex mixture of barrel-aged stout and barleywine. It’s a mix of dark chocolate, caramel, bourbon, oak and roasted malts from the stout with “interference” of maple syrup, vanilla, prunes, cherries and nougat from the barleywine. It has some quite sweet notes but at the same time the stout really helps with a dry finish. At close to 17% ABV it has a nice warming finish and is overall quite impressive.

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Staggers & Jags Cold IPA by Gold Dot Beer (McMinnville, OR) - Cold IPA

Was expecting more hop flavors upfront with some juiciness but there was only some faint citrus notes before a bready malt flavor took over. Very dry and crisp finish with medium bitterness. Overall flavor profile was nearly identical to a lager and was missing the hop component.

Microdosing: Mosaic by BlackStack Brewing (Saint Paul, MN) - NEIPA

Nice showcase from of dry hopping with Mosaic hops with tons of orange and passion fruit flavors upfront before a it get very floral and grassy with dry and quite bitter finish. Wonderful juice bomb without being overly sweet.

Wolfess by Anchorage Brewing Company (Anchorage, AK) - NEDIPA

Sweet and resinous DIPA - mango, papaya, lime and lychee upfront, followed by lots of piney, herbaceous flavors - but both sweetness and piney bitterness are still well restrained and balanced

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Fort George Brewery, Astoria OR. “Sherman” IPA.

Finally, some restraint and balance. Low ABV, and bitterness below the level of exponential oneupmanship that we’ve come to expect.

Enjoyed on draft, and the best beer I’ve had with pizza in a very long time.

It will be interesting to see what he will do with Anchor (at least for me his yoghurt company produces lousy products) - on one side you have the history of the brand but at the same time most of their beer beside their steam beer weren’t that great

You should try brewing sometime.