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Some brews from Cellarmaker House of Pizza in SF today

Rare Barrel Cosmic Dust
Sour w/hibiscus
Very nice, tasted a bit like Jamaica but sour and not sweet. Not too sour.

Cellarmaker Bulletproof
A nod to “bulletproof” coffee made with butter or (less frequently) coconut oil - an imperial porter with coffee and coconut. It went really well with a piece of their Tira Miso which is a tiramisu with miso caramel.


Miso caramel sounds like a rabbit hole I will be entering once my dishwasher is fixed . . .

Beer wise Mr Autumm continues in his tour of “Dino beer” aka the Pseudo Sue series from toppling Goliath with the dry hopped version

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A very good tour…

I might be missing something but why wait for the dishwasher fix - miso is a great addition to many dishes

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A couple of brews today from Sante Adairius Oakland Arbor in Old Oakland

Sante Adairius Animal Dance Party
Dank hazy NEIPA. I like it.

Sante Adairius Proper Discourse
A stronger saison (8.5%) aged in cherry wine barrels
Very nice.

Furry bouncer

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While in PA for the Thanksgiving holiday, I stumbled on Rita’s Lemon Ale made by Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company in (sorta) collaboration with the Rita’s Italian Ice chain. It is very lemony, as if you mixed a melted lemon ice with a Rolling Rock or Yuengling. It wasn’t terrible and was kind of refreshing on the hot afternoon we had yesterday, but my curiosity has been satisfied.



Sounds like a radler/shandy

Damn we must have crossed paths while I was getting my takeout from Horn BBQ Nextdoor!

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Yeah, kinda.

Double Orange Starfish by Aslin Beer Company (Alexandria, VA) - Hazy DIPA

Very mellow hazy IPA with orange and citrus juice upfront which gets followed by some floral and pine notes but both quite “moderate” and a dry and low bitterness finish. Very creamy mouthfeel and it would be easy to drink a few of those.

Our dishwasher died 11 days out of warranty and so I’ve been hand washing everything, so experimental dishes have been minimal the past 2 months. Unless it’s a nitro, Mr Autumm will drink his beer out of the can/bottle

She who does the dishes makes the rules :slightly_smiling_face:

Triple Howzit Punch by Alvarado Street Brewery (Monterey, CA) - Fruited sour

After the single and double now the triple howzit punch. Higher ABV in this case doesn’t translate to a better sour. Still a good beer but not as balanced as the double one - this one lacks a bit on the sourness to counterbalance the POG fruitiness.

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I’ll wait for the quintuple.

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Hofbrau Oktoberfestbier by Staatliches Hofbräuhaus Muenchen (Munich, Germany) - Festbier

Relatively “basic” festbier with a malt backbone (bread, biscuit) which is less pronounced than in other similar beers but a stronger spicy and herbal “bite”. Dry but quite bitter finish. Overall less sweet than other festbiers but also more one dimensional and a bit boring

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Shiner Bock. Just because. :slight_smile:



I’m doing a brisket this weekend, and what better to sip at the 10th hour than Shiner Bock?

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Uff. I remember a kid I used to teach turned adult who was the national sheep shearing champion. Went to Texas to make some $ and came back saying he had a surprise for me, knowing I’m a beer lover. I said “is it Shiner Bock?” He says “how dah hell did you know?” I said that was the pop beer in Texas at the time. Shiner Bock is a replica of the $4 a case Huber Bock I drank in college. It works; but there’s lot better out there. Texas’ best effort.

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I was at a bar in downtown San Francisco and wanted an easy-drinking, relatively cheap beer. Did the job. :slightly_smiling_face:

It was my go to in 1988. I ain’t dissin’. I prefer just about any other bock; but I can have a hoot with Old Milwaukee if I have to. I bet SF has some scary prices.

Some places yes and some places no. Shiner Bock was $6 at the bar I was at, and this wasn’t a happy hour special. Believe me, that’s not bad for that part of SF.

I had some beer this weekend

Made to Fade from Monkish out of Torrance CA - a cold IPA which is an IPA brewed with lager yeast at colder temperatures (thanks Google AI). Hops from New Zealand. Crisp and refreshing and hoppy, like the definition tastes like a cross between a lager and an IPA.

Triple Dank Shark from Great Notion out of Portland OR - a triple hazy NEIPA - super dank, hazy, and a bit sweet and boozy.

Pulp from Fieldwork (Berkeley CA) - one of my favorites.

Eternal Echo from Wondrous out of Emeryville CA - a dark lager, tasted a bit like Death & Taxes.