Beef tenderloin slow roast

Years ago my ‘go to’ dinner party dish was a spinach stuffed tenderloin roast. That was before my conversion to slow roasting. My question is whether I can slow roast a stuffed beef tenderloin.
I’d like to butterfly, stuff, roll and tie the roast, cook it at about 225 to a little less than medium rare, give it a quick turn under the broiler and let it cool to warm or even room temperature before slicing. I don’t see a problem but want to be sure I haven’t overlooked anything.
The default is simply to roast the whole tenderloin and reverse sear. That’s fine but I really like the presentation of the stuffed one on the buffet table.
I’ll have a simple horseradish sauce but am still looking for an additional one.
I very rarely post on HO but am a faithful reader who is grateful for all those who keep this terrific site so interesting, helpful, fun and just plain nice. Thanks everyone.

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I don’t have the recipe with me but yes this should be fine.

I’ve done a version where (all from memory so don’t quote me on this) you too rn the oven up to 500 - put the stuffed tenderloin in - turn the oven off and let it cook until desired temp as oven cools naturally. But the reverse should work similarly (start low and broil off).

Oh, that’s terrific. Thank you. I like the idea of starting in a very hot oven. The meat around the stuffing is thin enough that I would expect the meat would be done to the same degree throughout. I recall an old James Beard recipe for rib roast where you put it in a hot oven, turn it off and leave it for the day. Funny how ahead of his time he was now that low temp roasting is almost the same thing.
I’ll report back after the weekend on how it turned out.

Just do a google search for a few recipes to double check the starting temp and time. But it always came out well. We did a lobster stuffed tenderloin one year that was pretty awesome too.

You said you were looking for another sauce. You could go the blue cheese route (would work well with spinach and beef) or maybe a non-dairy route like chimichurri. The roast sounds fab.

Chimichurri is a strong possibility. I don’t want it to compete with the spinach in the filling, though. There’s cheddar in the filling. I like bearnaise but I like bearnaise on all sorts of things. It works quite nicely on swordfish topped with a bit of lobster meat.
The tenderloin should be fine in its own. I’ll think about a sauce later. Thanks for the imput.

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The stuffed tenderloin turned out great. Room temp in a 425 oven for 40 minutes and it was perfectly medium rare throughout. Although I offered a basic horseradish sauce it really wasn’t necessary. I’m glad I thought to make the roast again after many years.