Beef brisket tacos recipe

This came up in my taco feed.
British :taco: tacos!
Tacos with carrots and celery?


That’s pretty funny. Love that they call tortillas “tacos”. And “roll your own”.

Sam from Not Not Tacos has made a go off very non traditional tacos in the heart of San Diego’s food mall. Check out the menu.

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Soft tacos are A Thing, and they can “authentically” be filled with all sorts of stuff, so that part’s fair enough (though calling plain tortillas “tacos” in the ingredients list looks a little odd, like calling hamburger buns  “hamburgers”). And while the filling doesn’t seem very Mexican (or Tex/Cal/etc-Mex), it does looks like a halfway decent start to ropa vieja. So allowing for a little mixing-up of Latin American cuisines, it’s a lot less odd than some of the other things I’ve seen done to “foreign” food by various cultures (and by no means just Western cultures…:wink:)