Beans, beans, beans....

Not sure if I posted husband’s favorite yet.

The “spinners” are flour dumplings.


Looks good!

Flageolet…French for “fart?”

JK, I know it’s an instrument.

I’ve never eaten those. Look pretty cool.

Hey, thanks for cross-posting, otherwise I’d have continued to overlook this thread!

Here’s another one that I set about trying to copy what my son and I had in a Haitian restaurant in Boca Raton. This is from the channel Luna’s Kitchen, and it’s pretty close to what we were served and everyone really likes it. I have to fudge a bit because I start from canned beans, and after several times making it, I now increase the amount of beans by about 2x just because we like it better that way.

I also used her recipes for epis and goat stew as starting points.


Woah, this is such a great resource. Thanks @shrinkrap for starting and thanks @Phoenikia for pointing it out.

I’m going to have some new stuff for the family in the next few weeks!


I think the variables to worry about are: the beans themselves. If they’re older, they may not fully plump. The soak. I soak several times the day prior, wake up in the AM, and drain and soak again. By now, the beans should appear as they do off the plant: plumped up. (Lately, I’ve been making great northerns.) Black beans will take another bit of love. Beans love pork fat. I’m sure you’re aware that a ham hock or ham bone, or whatever porky product, will give those beans that much more love. I boil , covered, on medium, for about 2 hours for pintos (great northerns, a little less, maybe 1.5 hours). I like water about 1.5-2 inches above the beans before I lid and boil. Onions, garlic ( I also add a pepper sauce I make at home), whatever other flavors you like.

Had good luck with this as much of my meals are Latin-centric. Can’t tell you how many meals I’ve had of just beans and flavored rice.

I’ve also used a pressure cooker over a rocket stove in the past.

Avoid adding any acid until cooked.

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My pleasure. This is a great thread. I love that we can cross-post.

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Recipes using black-eyed peas


“All the things” ( in my fridge) chick pea salad. Sharing because I was pleasantly surprised!

Chick peas from Nancy’s chopped salad recipe.
Roasted cherry tomatoes
Tomato Jam
Avocado from a sale on huge 2 for something.
1/2 cucumber left over from making gazpacho
Washed parsley and cilantro from I don’t know what, but it was in a damp paper towel so I’m hoping it was washed.
Splash of oil from the cooked beans
Splash of last seasons tomato shrub.


Looks tasty! Pretty much the same idea (but with the chickpeas made into falafel)…


Some nice dishes. As much as I love meaty and porky beans I make them for vegetarians.

Here’s one that worked out

white beans + trinity + beet greens

It’s hard to compete with bacon flavor so welcome more vegetarian ideas.


I sometimes use smoked paprika bloomed in oil at the beginning, but vegetarians often don’t enjoy the smokiness — bacon is a flavor missed by those who know it, not by those who don’t.


That’s a good idea. This is also what I have for dinner when we have beans too even tho I eat meat so tastier tips like that the better. Sometimes I make meat on side. Thanks

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Love beet greens. Hard to find them near me these days - even at WF they’re chopping the tops of bunches of beets.

During the pandemic my kale was going nuts as was the neighbor’s, and we had a lot of brothy white bean and kale soup. It was really good with a generous blob of harissa!


Me too. I love 'em. Sometimes gotta just embrace vegetarian flavors. What else is like that? Kale is a staple here too not as tasty tho. Have u enjoyed gumbo des herbes? Can be done vegetarian too. Harissa nice call I should try that


I think Gumbo des Herbes is traditionally vegetarian because it was what Catholic Cajuns ate during Lent.


That looks wonderful! As for a bit of “meaty” in a veg dish, my vegetarian daughter often uses some nutritional yeast. It adds some “umami” (I hate using that descriptor, myself) and saltiness that’s at least a bit akin to bacon. Not really too close, but something like it.


Thanks. Great idea never tried nutritional yeast.

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Popular as a vegan parmesan replacement.


I am a vegetarian and our household has been on a bit of a jag with this recipe over the past month or so:

I never use thyme, don’t always use feta, have switched up the beans, etc. I happen to love smoked paprika, but I don’t always use that either. You get the idea…it’s very adaptable.

I’d happily eat a bowl of those beans you made!