Beach Tavern, Monmouth Beach

This place has been on my radar for a while, and there are only a couple of mentions on here, so I thought I’d give the place its own thread. Has anyone been there for lunch off-season? I have a couple of friends coming down on Saturday and thought that if it has good views from inside that maybe we’d give it a go.

In another thread someone mentions great happy hour pricing, but that won’t apply here. How’s the food? How’s the view?

Thanks in advance!

I have been here quite a few times. In the winter I normally go after work so the view isn’t there.

During the day it is nice but there are no boats docked now so it is kind of barren. The inside decor is great and I like their bar. The food is ok, not bad but not great. For the money I feel it is a decent spot. I like happy hour and I think happy hour is on during Saturday. If they have the prime strip steak on special that is a great dish, as are the fried shrimp. You need to literally ask about specials as they seem to change frequently. Don’t rely on their web page.

Half price beers are good. I’m a beer drinker.

I don’t do raw oysters/clams but people seem to enjoy them. Overall it is a very nice venue. You will pay some “beach tax” for the location but for guests that aren’t total food snobs, this should work. The bar staff here is top notch! So in summation, if you want some decent food with some nautical vibes, and you will pay a slightly higher price, you might like this spot. Others to consider are mccloones rum runner in sea bright and salt creek in rumson. I’d try the tavern first.

Thx mucho! We’re def looking for water views so even without boats I think it’s worth a shot…my friends only care if the food isn’t BAD. (I love them anyway… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

A friend of mine was manager here for a few months and I got to try a bunch of things. I recall everything being tasty but the “beach tax” as CJ put keeps it from being a place in my rotation.

My favorite beach tax spot is probably Avenue. Great view, lovely ambiance, and the food can be pretty tasty.

I forgot about avenue. That is a cool spot if someone else is paying. I put that in the same category as char and nauvoo. Nice decor, cool vibe, pretty decent food, and some higher pricing to pay for that combination.

@CurlzNJ make sure to see what the specials are. They have some decent stuff. Also, just a heads up…this is on the river, not the ocean. You probably know this though :slight_smile:

When the boats are bobbing and the palm trees have been rolled in you could be anywhere in the world. Which makes it odd that one of the best things on the menu is the pork schnitzel.


The other place in Long Branch I thought of is Sirena; I know the food isn’t anything off the charts, but I remember going there in the middle of winter for great happy hour pricing and beautiful views as well. My friends really will be happy with anything, but it’s my call…

Their pork chop lunch is actually really good! I think it’s 18 bucks. That place has the beach tax too but they have a few tasty dishes. I’ve never had a bad meal there to be honest.

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We ended up at Sirena in Long Branch (full report here: Favorite Long Branch spots [NJ]), but I will get up to Beach Tavern sooner vs. later! Thx for the input.

looking forward to trying this spot- have heard Sunday all day Happy hour is a decent value. Can anyone comment on the burger? Thinking a cal Yuenlings and a Burger on a nice Sun before the bennies head over…lol

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I have never had the burger there but I like some other dishes. The fried shrimp during happy hour are top notch. Their 1.5 lobster dish is very good and the prime NY strip happy hour special is awesome.

They have carton beer on tap and I’m a big fan of that brewery.

Hands down one of the overall worst dining experiences I’ve had in a long time. We were able to get a reservation for 6 people at 8pm on Friday night even though we called at 5:30 for them. (first sign something was “wrong”)

Arrived 8pm and was immediately seated in the “side” dining room, there were several open tables including two that could accommodate our party. We were greeted by your server, given a nice half loaf of warm Italian bread, cocktail orders taken and we ordered.

Our Appetizers, Fried Calamari, Shrimp Scampi Pizza and Plain Tomato Pizza.

Fried Calamari: was good, fresh and not over fried, light and crisp as I prefer them to be. The “problem” I had with the calamari was the “lemon aioli” it was served with, pretty much hollandeaise with lemon squeezed in. It wasn’t a combination I thought paired well at all.

Shrimp Scampi Pizza, this just pissed me off. This is a personal sized pie ($18.) however it is cut into 8 slices like any normal pie. What pissed me off is their serving size calls for 6 small/medium shrimp per pie, however they used whole small shrimp. So you literally had 6 shrimp on the pie with 8 slices. (For those of you who are slower than me, that means 2 slices had NO shrimp) If you were lucky enough to get a slice with a shrimp, one bite and it was gone the rest of your slice was plain. Even the overall flavor was just lacking. VERY POORLY executed. Also no grated/parmesean cheese served with the pies.

Regular Tomato Pie: It was harmless but again for $15. for a plain personal sized pie?

Once we were practically finished with our apps we were informed that the entree order of Soft Shell Crabs, which was ordered as a special, had sold out. Again, a rather big strike for me, any good kitchen / staff will have a countdown on specials that are running out. It should have been known at the time of ordering that they were out, at sheer minimum the POS should track the orders and alert servers. By the time we were notified our entree’s should have been well fired in the kitchen, no excuse to notify us this late into the meal they had run out. Poor kitchen /floor management.

Entrees: 3 Fish and Chips, 2 Linguine and clams and 1 pork chop. The fish and chips just sucked…also I don’t understand the presentation, one large piece of fried cod. (when one thinks of fish and chips you think of finger food, a basket of fish strips and “chips”. I think the picture speaks for itself, oh and the batter was so plain it was horrible, completely unseasoned and if it were made with “ale” you can sure as hell fool me. The menu says: “ale battered cod, creme fraiche tartar, fingerling chips” do those look like “fingerling chips”?? Oh hell no! This sucked! (tarter sauce was home made and very good)

Linguini in clam sauce, bland. Per the menu: LINGUINI clams, garlic, parsley, white wine , well the garlic and white wine must have been with the soft shell crabs because the seemed to be 86’d in this dish.

Pork Chop: Best I can say is if I came home and my 19 year old son, who has -0- cooking skills, said:“Hey Dad I made dinner” and he presented me with this pork chop I would say: “Wow good job son!!”. However, my son isn’t running a kitchen and charging $28. for his pork chop!! I’m pretty sure he could deliver a very similar product as the Beach Tavern. (I think the picture speaks for itself) By definition doesn’t a “chop” have to have a bone? If they cut is off the bone for me, shouldn’t they still serve the bone for presentation? Per the menu: “PORK CHOP double cut, pickled cherry peppers, crispy potato broccoli rabe … $28” Double Cut? Pickled cherry peppers, see those 5 tiny half slices? Crispy potato is the EXACT same potatoes from the fish and chips where they were called: fingerling chips!! Which is it peeps? Are they crispy potatoes or fingerling crisps?

Seldom does a restaurant, especially one I was so looking forward to trying, piss me off as badly as this one did. I truthfully find their lack of effort in the food they are serving to be offensive. This personifies the @VikingKaj formula for restaurant success in the Jersey shore.

One last thing that I found off-putting, the men’s room. I’m not sure who told them to put in extra bright white bulbs and to use bright white wall and floor tiles, however I have NEVER been in such a bright mens room before in my life. Trust me, I don’t want to see what is going on in there with such clarity. Dim it a bit, it’s not an operating room. WTF???

All this said, I would however probably go back for a happy hour. It’s my understanding they have drink specials and $1.00 oysters (regular menu $3.50 & $4.00 which is why I wouldn’t order them) and enjoy the view. The restaurant still has an awesome view and would be nice to sit at the bar and enjoy something simple, at a reasonable price. I would however NEVER go back to the dining room / regular menu.

Summoning my inner most Kevin O’Leary aka Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank: Good Bye Beach Tavern you are DEAD TO ME. (beside happy hour)


Holy cow did the pork chop really come out looking like that?

Ummm yeah! lol I certainly didn’t photo-shop that thing.

I actually didn’t notice the oil soaked napkin under the fish and chips either, wtf?

Staff changes? Summer lazies? A trend or a bad night?

Wow that pork chop amazed me. I don’t get why they would slice it up. I’ve never been served a sliced pork chop. Every dinner I’ve had there has been decent but I don’t go often. I hit happy hour a lot more. Sorry to hear about your shitty experience.

I never get why restaurants skimp on potatos or pasta when it is so damn cheap.

I’ve heard people rave about happy hour- but this looks like a terrible job all around. Had wanted to go, but no I’m prob gonna hold off. I wonder if some of the Sea Bright resurgence and Blu Grotto are eating away at this place?

Two consecutive weeks I was shut out for reservations at Blue Grotto. Last week I called on Wed the 12th for reservations on Sat the 15th for 6 people, all booked up. (they offered me out side table at 8:30 but I wasn’t willing to risk a hot humid night) As I said when we called on Friday for Friday they were booked again, inside and out.

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It’s horsey time at the track again…

Excellent review of a meh restaurant.

I’ve only had the bar menu at MBT, so it’s good to know the sit down sux.

I would say the bar menu is a notch better than Wind n Sea or Inlet Cafe, which is not saying much, since its hard to mess up burgers and clams.

They do have a nice view however.