Be Not Ashamed, Thrift Store Shoppers!

This could be you!


What a droll concept to be ashamed about shopping at thrift stores!


For some reason, these stories are all over the place this week.

Good for her. I probably wouldn’t have recognized it in the first place


I’m certain I wouldn’t have recognized it as anything much, but it is very attractive, so if I’d seen it for $4, I’m equally certain I would have bought it.

Then I would have plugged a spout into the top and filled it with olive oil, until such time as, while cooking, I accidentally knicked the bottom corner on the edge of the granite counter, in precisely that right (or “wrong”) spot, causing the whole bottom to pop off and shatter, showering counter, lower cabinets, and floor with a pretty decent olive oil.

The end.

(Happened to me last week while making shrimp linguine. Except with a real $4 standard issue green glass bottle, rather than a $100K bottle masquerading as a $4 bottle. I’m pouring from the store jug while awaiting the arrival of 2 replacements. I’m tough on bottles and decided I oughta stock up)

Last week, Mrs ricepad found a sterling silver pendant at the local Goodwill warehouse. The warehouse is the last stop for things pulled from Goodwill store shelves and racks before they go to the landfill or wrapped in bulk and sold overseas, and everything is sold by weight - I think it’s something like $1.30 per pound. No idea what the pendant is worth, but it likely wasn’t from Claire’s.


Droll? Really? I’ve never been ashamed over it, but I pass by a lot of thrift store shoppers who appear unpleased to be there, doing mental math, having to pinch pennies to get by. I’m the opposite of amused by that.

You’re the one who used the term “ashamed” in your post - that’s what I found amusing, not the fact that people (including myself) don’t have unlimited financial resources.


You can tell this just by looking at them while you “pass by”?

I know many people who are thrift store shoppers (yours truly included) and we do it not so much to save money, but to find vintage or out of production stuff normally not found in “regular” stores.

While I don’t shop for cookware, I often do shop for vintage clothes, and artwork, at thrift shops not because I want to save money, per se, but because those items can’t be found anywhere else.

And maybe when I’m doing it I have that (as you say) “I am miserable and I am penny pinching” look on my face (whatever that face may be, who knows) but trust me, that’s not how I actually feel.


Bingo. I would gather that the majority of folks frequenting HO can choose to shop at thrift stores - not bc they have to.

Also, some of us have CRBF :joy:


Same. There are some really cool things that show up there.


No, there’s definitely a look that conveys penury, at least where I am. It’s also a bad sign if they don’t meet anyone’s gaze.

I’ve only owned one brand new suit in my life. Every other suit I purchased was second hand/used. I don’t think I paid over $40 for a second hand/used suit. And I had one job where I had to wear a suit everyday. I’m not the least bit ashamed, that job didn’t pay me enough for me to invest in new suits.

Over the weekend, I was in Goodwill looking at sport coats. I needed a tan color sport coat to go with khakis. I found this one for $8!! It fit perfectly and its a Halston - 100% Silk… SCORE!!


You’re supposed to wear a navy blazer with khakis, it’s de rigueur. :wink:


Then there is the utterly classic Japanese Burberry trench coat husband bought off the dollar table that sells for $1250. online. ($25 to have it cleaned.)


I have this red turtleneck that will go great with khaki pants and that sport coat. It’s my new Christmas (visiting friends) outfit.


I’m sure you’ll look fabulous, even without the blue blazer.


Your friends will expect you to bring a really nice bottle. (Hey, you can afford a Halston silk blazer.)


Yeah, but I bet according to some here you were thinking, “gosh, if I spend $8 here, what am I going to do if I want to buy that package of pot roast for $8.49?? Will I need to forgo heating the house? Maybe even shut off the water for a few days?”

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I didn’t think of that… Oops.