Bayroot Lebanese Cuisine and Mediterranean Market, Shrewsbury NJ

Just saw a few Instagram posts from this place, which I had read about somewhere and followed. Haven’t been yet, but the photos I’ve seen are certainly enticing. Anyone familiar with the place?

Someone has posted about this place eithe here or the old place, it was a positive review. The location is in the same strip mall as the now defunct Rosina’s Pizza and defunct Cyprus Cafe. (I think it occupies this space)

They have a mixed grill here too I see. You might want to have a practice run Jr!

I’d like to try this spot but don’t wait on me. I can be pretty slow lol

Very interested in hearing about this spot. Been meaning to try it but I keep ending up at greek eats every time I venture out.

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I’ve been there and posted review on the site that dare not speak it’s name.

They have a good beef shwarma and falafel. Tahini sauce is a little strong for me.

I liked them and would go back.


Thanks for posting this, I stopped by for lunch today. Overall, very good with a lovely family running the joint, I will return.

My judging of Lebanese food is from a fair amount of years eating it in Bay Ridge. 20 some years ago when the Lebanese became more of a presence in that area, one of the old timers in a crowded waiting room exclaimed loudly, “this isn’t Bay Ridge any more, it’s Bay Root!” So, the name of the restaurant made me laugh immediately. :smiley:

I had the schwarwa combo, beef has a nice flavor (if a little dry), hummus is good. Salad and rice also.
Grape leaves (with meat) were good, had a nice spice to them. A little salty, though.
Spinach pies were fantastic, really a great representation of them.
Baba ghannouj also tasty, not too smoky.

Looking forward to returning with family and exploring more of the menu.

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Thx for the report!! May try to pop in this weekend

I like Zaitooni too for Lebanese in our area. Not so crazy about Cafe 28.

We haven’t been there yet but it is on the list to try. Mr. Bean’s business partner speaks very highly of Bayroot. She is Egyptian and a very good cook so I would trust her judgment.


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The guy at cafe 28 is Egyptian.

Egyptian cookies are awesome. So delishus.

Not sure how I missed Cafe 28 - never even heard of it. It sounds like I’m not missing much. Have enjoyed Zaitooni the couple of times I’ve been. We usually end up making a road trip to New Brunswick (Effe’s) or Paterson (an one of a number of places plus a shopping trip to Fattals) for middle eastern food.

I’ve been working perfecting Kibbeh at home.

I did make it to Bayroot shortly after posting that I would, but it appears I never posted on here–probably because I wanted a little time to pass. I have to say that the people who own it are lovely and they were definitely trying hard to please! But I’ll concur with @eleeper that the portions were skimpy (esp for the prices) and I had an odd experience. I arrived mid-afternoon and immediately saw that lunch had ‘ended,’ but since it was all of about 3:15, I wasn’t ready for a big entree/meal. The woman behind the counter assured me that I could still order a lunch item, so I went with the lamb shish kabab (8.95), which was served in a fresh Lebanese (I’m assuming) pita–the thin kind–which I love for a sandwich like this.

Here’s where it got weird; when the owner brought it to me, it was in a square bowl. With silverware. A smallish square bowl. First thing I needed to do was remove the raw tomato (I hate it, and usually say ‘no tomato’ but it wasn’t listed on the menu, which I did point out to them), so I’m going in and pulling the wrap apart. Then I couldn’t balance the silverware on the bowl because it was such an odd shape. It was just weird. The lamb, as I recall, was a tad dry, but the flavor was definitely there. When I was done I got up to pay and the owner motioned for me to sit, and then brought me a piece of what may be the best piece of Baklava I’ve ever had. It was a cigar shape and it was a perfect 3 bites–and I told the owner so. Not TOO sweet, the dough was perfect, and I left happy.

I’m sorry to say I haven’t been back yet, as I think there’s great potential there, and I’m hoping maybe at dinner it’s a better overall experience. I need to get over to Trader Joe’s so maybe I’ll hit it again sooner vs. later.

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I actually just put up a review of Bayroot on my blog this morning. Ate there a few weeks ago. I’ll echo was has been said already on this thread: the place is invisible from the street. You won’t know where it is unless you are using a GPS. Food was great, but prices are high for the portion size you are given. Quality or quantity…what’s more important? While I enjoyed my meal, I was asking myself that question constantly. They didn’t give pita bread either! Almost scandalous. Best hummus I’ve ever had in my life, and nothing to dip in it!

You can read my full review here:

I went to bayroot one time and I’m not sure if I wrote about it. I got the “mixed grill” for two and it appears they only show it for one person online, so the “double order” may be gone. It was pretty good. To be honest, I thought the kafta was probably the weakest meat. It was dried out a little but still not too bad. Maybe try that next time. It’s 24.95 for a single meal, at least that is what I just saw. I’d go back but I have some other spots to try next, including this Cuban spot in red bank that should be open soon hopefully.

Exactly. There are spots more pressing to check out, even with good food. Their pricing/portion size really threw me off. Especially when you consider the point of middle eastern hospitality is to stuff you until you cannot eat anymore. LOL

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Forgot about the Cuban place. Really looking forward to that one

Tell me you have experienced the culinary fast food delight that is Greek eats?

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It should be soon. I like how their website has ZERO INFO. I just can’t believe how some of these places are managed.

Not yet, but I will soon!