[Bay Area] Best place to find Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

Do you have a favorite place for Mexican Shrimp Cocktail?

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Only one I’ve had in Bay Area, Mariscos La Costa in Oakland. Better than decent. Less than fantastic. Love to know a better place.

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I haven’t had their shrimp cocktail, but I’d recommend Chuy’s Fiesta based on what I’ve eaten there. We always go there a couple weeks after returning from our long Mexico stays to kind of transition back into being in the states. They have some silly stuff on the menu but if you stick to the basics, they make good food.

Sit in the back with a modelo or a margarita and you almost feel like you’re still in mx (not really at all but we can pretend).


Tostadas (shrimp and tilapia):

A couple not seafood but figured I’d throw them:

Taco “al pastor”:


I immediately thought of Whole Enchilada in Moss Landing, but noticed 3 or 4 Mariscos restaurants in Watsonville that might be worth trying.


Where please?

Chuy’s Fiesta
2341 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94110

(also, they told us they’re opening a new place on Post, not sure if it’s open yet)

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It’s pricey, wonder if I should try making at home when wild shrimp are on sale at WF.

Years ago I liked ones from a taqueria on 24th near Mission.

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Funny I was just about to make the same recommendation. I’ve only had their tacos, which were great, but the seafood I saw looked good and they have a full service menu of seafood dishes.


Bingo. Husband’s order has always been prawn coctel but when I happened on large white shrimp on sale, we tried our hand. He no longer orders this dish out. Our MO:

Cover shrimp with water and bring to a simmer; immediately turn off heat. Allow to steep for about 5 minutes; drain, refresh in ice water and peel. SAVE THE COOKING WATER. When ready to proceed, strain a cup or so of cooking water. Add a half cup of catsup, several tablespoons of Valentina (or your favorite Mexican hot sauce) sauce, juice of a lime or so, half a red onion chopped, same of cucumber, quarter of a bunch of cilantro, an avocado cut into cubes. Taste and adjust to your liking. Pour over the shrimp.

Adjust quantities for number of servings. Above works for 2,


What are you doing in my old stomping grounds? God’s country,

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I haven’t been for quite a while, but I like Moss Landing. I haven’t even been to California since Sept 2017. Darn pandemic. I usually visit every year or 2.

My cousin lives in Los Gatos. My cousin’s husband likes to drive to Capitola and/or Moss Landing when I visit.

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Is the Mexican-style prawn coctel extra-saucy? I ask bc of the cup of cooking water and the half cup of ketchup… altho I suppose the shrimp:sauce ratio depends on just how many shrimpies you’re tossing in that sawce :slight_smile:

Whilst waiting for Pilgrim…

Practically soup (in Baja Sur)

Lost all interest in cocteles/ceviche when I discovered good aguachile. Now I only eat cocteles/ceviche of almejas chocolatas (chocolate clams in Baja Sur)


Indeed it is “saucy”. This dish is not the classic American “shrimp cocktail” with a pile of shrimp topped with a thick “cocktail sauce”. it is, rather, a cold “soup” full of vegetables and shrimp. Presunto’s pics are spot on.

For our single servings, about 1 1/2-2 cups each, and depending on the size of the shrimp, i add about 6-7 16-to-the-pound prawns each serving. I cut them in half lengthwise; husband likes them cut smaller.

We also differ in size of vegetable chunks. I like larger pieces of avocado while he likes smaller. Variations are endless, so make it to your taste.


Got it! Thanks to you and @Presunto for the ‘splainin’ and the pics! Loves me some aguachile, too! And I can eat shrimp in pretty much any prep (hold the fried coconut/battered stuff, tho).

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Mercado & Taqueria de Amigos, the gas station taqueria in Pescadero, does a good job or use to. It’s been a while. Generally the Mexican food is good, so not surprise. Best place? Not sure about that but good.

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Pancho Villa on 16th St/Mission used to be our go-to but we haven’t been in years so can’t vouch for current quality. I personally would go back. And, yes, prawn coctel is not cheap but neither are the ingredients, so the prices are probably fair. Ergo, home-do.

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This is a great question. All the places in redwood city at middlefield & 5th have proud MARISCOS!!! banners and I haven’t ordered at any of them. I’m not even sure what exact dishes exist. Would love some advice on the dishes to order at these places.

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Ya, I haven’t ordered coctel since I was a kid. But always aguachile and a tostada or two.

And chocolate clams! We go to La Paz and always get them when available. What’s that Bahia Magdalena card? I know the bay/area, but did they give that to you when you sat down or it came with the dish or something?

Bahia Magdalena is one of the places in Baja Sur where I stay on every whale watching trip.

I did make a thread here. But there’s also this if one doesn’t feel like reading (open full screen mode, also has sound):