[Bay Area] Best place to find Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

Ya like I said, I know Bahia Magdalena. Was just wondering about the card — looks like you printed them out for the locations you’d be at and included them in photos? That’s an impressive level of dedication and thought put into that. Bravo

I visit several different places on some trips so I put names in photos to remember, also for fun. The idea comes from signs of town/village names in Germany (yellow background with black texts and border):

But these days I also use national colours of a country:


Cool. Nice idea and dedication. I like it.

And it’s actually crazy that you got the idea from the German signs because my mom is from Stuttgart and I used to have one of these in my room as a kid! (and a Porsche version)

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Brian, have you noticed this place? Sushinaloa? Its on Middlefield in Redwood City a little south of Costco. Looks like the whole menu is mariscos… Have wanted to try it, but haven’t gotten around to it… I make coctel de camaron with Spicy V8, no high fructose corn syrup or sugar like Clamato & we like it, add cucumber, radish, avo, red onion, etc.

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Few things… I need a lot of avocado in my coctel and a lot of lime and second this sweet bastard from Denmark is what we have

Also, related, I’ve enjoyed a website created by @EattheWorldLA who does a cool write up on a spot down here on my list to try (I’ve been to related restaurants but this one seems a lot cooler)…some nice coctels/ceviches and more.


Me too! I have eyeballed it when near Big Sigona’s. Will report when I try (and it’s moved up the priority list)


@rwcfoodie @bbulkow There are so many taco shops/trucks/hole-in-the-walks in RWC that we are trying them more randomly - do you have a list of those you tried and liked (can be for seafood or meat) - that would help to fund the highlights faster

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I don’t have a list, but I like the Los Carnalitos truck that parks on the side street by Planned Parenthood just off El Camino. Not the same old same old, at least not to me…


The Los Carnalitos truck, together with Tacos El Grullense E&E on 5th - part of the gas station, are also our preferred places so far

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Am I missing something because that doesn’t look like a mariscos place at all but rather a fusion Mexican sushi place? They’ve popped up in different cities in Mexico the past 5 - 10 years and aren’t good at all and have accounted for some of my worst couple meals in Mexico during that time (never again!). If you want to try it, go for it, but please don’t think that’s representative of a good mariscos spot. Sorry, I don’t know the peninsula at all but as to what to order at a real mariscos spot, here’s some ideas:


Tostadas (ceviche on top of a fried tortilla):

Ceviche (this is mixto and a local scallop to BCS called callo de hacha):


Pescado zarandeado – butterflied fish brushed with adobo and grilled:

Grilled large shrimps:

Whole fried fish:


Some seafood on the halfshell, sometimes cooked, sometimes not, with some salsa and toppings (chocolate clams here):

Sometimes a fried fish or shrimp taco:

Sometimes a marlin or shrimp taco with salsa negra:

Sometimes a shark empanada:

Soup (siete mares/sopa de mariscos):

And on the table a lot of sauces and some saltines (sometimes only if you get a coctel or two):


In the end, I just made a version for a guest and moi. I looked at a bunch of recipes online so this was a mixture. I used V 8, no ketchup, no Clamato. Did use a small can of Italian cherry tomatoes. Diced red onion, diced Japanese cucumbers. In separate containers I put chopped serranos, jalapeños, mild skinny red pepper, chopped cilantro…people could customize. I roasted the wild shrimp, Ina’s recipe, lime juice, of course, diced avocado at serving.

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