Battered, Deep Fried Fish Filets - Freezing?

I really like these occasionally, but I have yet to find any really good frozen ones. So if I make them at home, can I freeze a bunch of them?

And if so, How well do they keep and how long will they last?

Just saw these at my local store.

I bought a bunch of cod once and battered & fried some for the night, which were great, and tried to freeze some battered filets on a baking cooling rack (before putting into a vacc’d bag). I’m probably not set up to quickly freeze battered filets but they turned out mushy when I later thawed and tried to fry them. Maybe they require something like flash-freezing or the like, but in any event mine did not turn out good.

If you figure out a way to do it in a home fridge/freezer, please let us know!


Yes, I understand flash freezing is necessary to prevent the formation of ice crystals which will result in mushy fish when thawed/fried. There might be a way starting with store bought fish (which has been flash frozen in production), I don’t know.


I’m not sure that the home cook/chef can prepare this successfully.
We use to frequent a Diner pre Pandemic and we knew when the fish was freshly made and when it was fried from frozen.
There was no mistaking that heavy wetness.

I ended up contacting a Restaurant Supply Wholesaler and tried a bunch of frozen Alaskan Pollak, Cod and Icelandic Sole.
None of these really met our standards so we just make it from scratch everytime.

You could try a Wholesaler YMMV.

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