Barrio Costero, or anything else good in Asbury?

Looking for ideas for dinner in Asbury tonight, or RedBank or somewhere to walk around a bit after dinner… Came across Barrio Costero - any feedback on it? Or any other recommendations? Challenge is that one in the party doesn’t eat meat, another doesn’t like fish/seafood… so I have no idea where we’ll end up (party of 6, folks coming in from “the big city” for a visit), but thought I’d ask you guys.

I don’t have any experience there but I hear good things from my coworker who is total food guy. @CurlzNJ is around there and can probably lend some insight.

IMO if you want to walk around after dinner, red bank is the better spot but AP probably gets the food ranking. I will be at Bombay river tonight in red bank. It’s new so wish me luck :slight_smile:

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Look at Barrios menu online, they tend to have a couple of vegetarian options but 6 people may be a stretch if the town is as busy as it was last night.
I love Barrios food and drinks but they are a hot spot to hang out in so typically hard to get into depending on the time

Go to Red Bank and try Bombay River, the new Indian place in the Pho Le space. I’ve heard good things but haven’t yet tried it myself.

Barrio is going to be INSANE tonight since it’s Cinco de Mayo… I’D send you to Reyla, though (same owners)! You can read a few posts here as well: Reyla, Asbury Park Veg and meat and fish/seafood options, and they take reservations.

Another good spot is Medusa, which is also in AP, but on Main St at 4th–it’s BYO, their pizzas are excellent, and it’s a limited menu of salads/pizzas/usually 1-2 dessert items. They’d probably take a reservation as well.

Regardless of where you end up, you’ll certainly be able to walk around town and on the boardwalk here tonight. And I strongly recommend popping in to the Transparent Clinch Gallery, which is on the end of The Asbury Hotel (which also has nice lounge space/bar)…it sits on Kingsley at the corner of 5th, and Danny Clinch’s iconic music photographs are AWESOME. There’s live music there from 4-8 today, iirc. Great space and VERY Asbury Park–also very approachable–not one bit stuffy, and unless you’re with a group of classical or opera fans, I assure you your guests will be WOWed.

So @rikk, where did you end up?