Barcelona, Spain October 2022 Trip

I’m finally posting my October trip to Barcelona. Tested positive for Covid a few days after I got back and spent 2 weeks quarantining/isolating, and still getting the BF sick. No fun. Continue to be vigilant out there, people! We are both 100% fine now, though i seem to sleep more…

But being in Barcelona was a blast as usual. Amazing food, drinks, and huge belly laughs, with one museum trip and a flamenco show thrown in for culture. We walked a ton, ate a ton, and drank two tons. We tried many new bars as one of my friends has become close with many of the bartenders around the City and so we got VIP treatment at most places and tried a couple of the 2022 50 Best Bars in the World. Fun to meet and hang with some locals too.

i must admit that I did not take the copious notes i usually take, partly because I’ve been before. Our favorite places were, of course, Xampanyet (we went twice), El Quim de La Boqueria, and two new places that will be on repeat forevermore - El Cañete (fantastic long bar counter that I will definitely sit at next time - there were 6 of us so we had to get a table) and La Font des Les Muses (a very homey, nothing-to-look-at kind of place in the Born, family owned, which surprised us with how excellent the food was), and also a great prix fixe dinner at new-to-me Besta - excellent but the service was super rushed - 10 courses or more came flying at us at breakneck speed. (there is a pic of their menu that i managed to take below.) We ate at Bar Brutal and Babula Bar again, as we did last time, and I don’t think I need to go back. Nothing was bad, but there is just so much more atmosphere in our old and new favorites. We also spent half a day in Sitges and had breakfast there - all tasty but nothing to write home about. And I don’t need to go to Sitges again - just your typical gorgeous beachy town which I can take or leave.

So below are pics without a lot of explanation, and I apologize for that, but suffice to say, if you eat at the above places, you’re bound to have a fantastic meal.

I can only remember the name of one of the winning bars we went to right now. if i remember the others, I’ll post them in the comments later.


xampanyet servers


LIBERTINE BAR (bar across the street from apt.)

Libertine cocktail 1



WHISKERIA (not sure if this made the 50 best in the world list but we went a couple of times)


Elsa & Fred Jamon Croquetas


Joan paella de mariscos


DICK WAFFLE - across from La Sagrada Familia, of all places (nope, didn’t try one!)

Dick waffle

EL CAÑETE - my new favorite!

Canete bubbly

Canete fried monkfish with Kimchi aioli

Canete tuna carpaccio with avo crema

BESTA- prix fixe. Very very good, tho pacing was terrible.

Besta menu


Babula Bar scallops


BAR CENTRAL EN LA BOQUERIA(we only went because the first time we tried to go to El Quim it was closed! Still, decent.)

SCHMUCKS BAR - one of the 50 best in the world (a “dive” bar - super fun but not particularly dive-y)

2 Schmucks bartender

CAN’T REMEMBER WHERE - drinks weren’t great, i just love this picture.


that’s it! Hope you enjoy!


I did enjoy, the food looks superb. Thank you for letting us travel vicariously through you.

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Such great photos mc! So many things I wanted to reach through the screen and taste! What a fabulous trip you had, as always!!

Gracias guapa! :kissing_heart:

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You might be interested in the article the NY Times ran a few days ago, “36 Hours in Barcelona”.

Sorry about the paywall. I couldn’t get a gift link to work.


thanks i’ll take a look! i have a subscription.

Thanks for that - wow, not one restaurant i’ve been to! saving the article for next year. My sister and I are planning to go to Lisbon for 4-5 days and finish up in BCN for 2-3.

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Thanks! Will be in Barca for a few days the end of December. Bar Cañete is always a favorite, so looking forward to trying some of your other suggestions. Cheers

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look forward to hearing about your trip!

Thank you so much! Impressive!

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