Barbeque, BBQ, Bar-B-Q [Houston, Texas]

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If you live here, you’re better off just going where you want.

Totally agree, in general it makes more sense to just go directly to the place.

Getting to try multiple bbq places all at once in a festival is too dependent on lines and weather conditions. I’ve heard both hot/rainy extremes about the TX Monthly festival in Austin.


We’ve got a new BBQ restaurant in Katy - Corky’s - a chain out of Memphis. Many of the local Tennessee-expat crowd hailed this like the second coming of Christ, if Christ were a Memphis pitmaster. They jammed the place to, and beyond, capacity the first few weeks.

After the initial crush subsided, I gave it a try. Mediocre, at best. And that’s being generous. Won’t be back.


I’ll never understand chains going into the belly of the beast.
Famous Dave’s tried to put a restaurant in KC.
Didn’t last a year, as I remember.
Why would one go there when a World Of deliciousness lies just outside the door…


I don’t either and it will be interesting watching what happens to this one. People tend to love what they grew up with and, so far, the only positive reviews I’ve read about Corky’s seem to be from transplanted Tennesseans. The Texans are saying, “No smoke” and “Dry brisket” and “Texture of ribs is like they were just baked, not bbq’d” and “Sweet ‘bbq sauce’ is more like ‘bbq syrup.’”

Apparently the pulled pork is good but I don’t know - didn’t get it.

Are there enough Tennesseans and pulled pork lovers here to keep their doors open?

We’ll see.