Barbeque, BBQ, Bar-B-Q [Houston, Texas]

Chopped beef IS my order! Demeris though is confusing. Really?

Mattress Mac’s sandwiches were free also, right? Last I heard all shoppers eat free.

If you have a few days to kill, file a flight plan and voyage out to his new location on 99 in Fort Bend County/Katy. It’s huge! It’s got a Lopez also, the second location of that institution. He’s always present at his store, emptying garbage was his task when I was last here. I went looking for a chair once at the Post Oak location, but the prices their were matchy with the area, super expensive.

He was recently on a TV show promoting Lopez, one of his favorite places to eat.

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I wouldn’t describe Bellaire as a suburb. I think technically it’s and enclave, but even that sounds odd.

Have you eaten at Blood Brothers?

I’m 2000 miles away.
I would if I could.

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Bellaire is an independent city surrounded by Houston on three sides and the tiny City of Southside Place on the fourth.

Back in the 70’s I and a lot of other people from Houston would cut through Bellaire side streets to avoid traffic. This did not sit well with the folks there and there was talk of banning Houston cars from city streets. My take was fair enough we’ll simply ban them from Houston and they’ll be surrounded forever.

I haven’t been but maybe our local HO throng can meat there.


Eye c watt u didd their.

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It’s there not their. When did you drop out of skool?

Right after we lernt our gazintas.

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Wait. I think I know you! Aren’t you Jethro Bodine’s cousin? I’m sure you were the highest in your class.

Let’s keep this on topic. Maybe we can get Granny to BBQ up a mess of possum.

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I can’t even remember the last time I drove to or through Bellaire. I have a friend who’s a traffic judge there and they take all that seriously. She’s a hanging judge! :smiley:


Cooper’s - the Llano folks - have just (like today) opened a brand spanking new BBQ barn out in Katy. I haven’t been yet. Waiting for the crowds to die down.


I’ve always wanted to go there and we tried to go to the Llano location a few years ago but were driven back by freezing rain. We returned to Houston with our tails between our legs, ice and hills down mix, there were lots of accidents and at least one fatality.


There is also a new Cooper’s in College Station. It has drawn crowds as well. Reviews are mixed. Saltiness seems to be a common comment.


The New Zion Baptist Church in Huntsville has closed. Formally known as Church’s BBQ, (get it?), this Houston-to-Dallas pit stop was operating for 53 years, but…

Well, you can read the whole story here.

(Hat tip to Mac8111)


End of an era for sure. Thx.


Interesting. They opened a second location in Point Blank just a couple of years ago, Yelp is showing it closed also.


It seems that everything good or I care about closes. I wish I liked McDonald’s, Wendys and Burger King, maybe they would fold up their tents and disappear.


I’m told corky’s has already closed. Did you ever try it?

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Yes. I thought it was awful.
Fans said things like, “It’s Memphis-style. You stupid Texans don’t understand or try to understand styles other than your own.”
Well, I’ve been to Memphis and I’ve eaten barbecue there and while, in my view, it has a lot of meat that’s been over-sauced, with sweet sauces, it’s certainly edible. I tried the brisket & ribs at Corky’s & couldn’t finish either.

But, when discussing Corky’s, the fans always defaulted to that annoying (to me anyway) rejoinder, “But the sides are great.”

So what. I can get good coleslaw at KFC, you know. I don’t pay high “barbecue meat” prices for good coleslaw and mac & cheese.


Went to the new Cooper’s. I liked it, but they’re still working out some kinks. When we lived up NW of Austin, we went to the one in Llano a lot, so I’ve got big Hope’s for this one, but, it’s a big, beautiful barn of a restaurant. I’m a little concerned that their overhead may be too great to sustain it. Although they do have a full bar, which should help.

Some folks out here have been whining about the Central Texas meat-market-style of service. You order by the pound, and the “sauce” is an afterthought. Cooper’s sauce isn’t really a sauce in the traditional sense of pouring a thick red river over your meats. It’s a thin, au jus type. You dip your bite of meat into this “bbq au jus.” I think it’s just perfect.


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