Banneton size translation

I’m going to buy a banneton. The one I’m interested in has metric measurements that confuse me. How big is this:

16 * 16cm

16 cm is about 6.3 inches.

About 6.3 inches, according to this site I use.

I have a round one and a longish one but without the cloth. Bought in a supermarket in Germany.

I often need to use one of the online converters to convert from American lengths to metric lengths as we generally use in the UK. Same with weights

For example -

The 16cm/6.5" measurement is probably diameter. I’m pretty sure that’s the size I have, which is a good size for a 500g boule.

I should have been clearer - I can convert from Imperial to metric. I use metric measurements a lot for other purposes.

What confuses me is the formula: 16 * 16cm.

Is the basket’s diameter 16 cms?

The radius?

What does the asterisk denote?

It’s probably diameter and height.

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I agree. I believe it’s what I would usually write as 16 x 16.

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That’s probably it, diameter & height. Thanks all.

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