[Bangkok] Hainanese Baked Goods from DK Bakery (ร้าน2ห้อง ใกล้วัดแขก), Silom

DK Bakery, founded in the 1940s post-World War II Bangkok, is one of the best-known bakeries in Thailand. Its buns were filled with a plethora of both sweet and savoury types of filling. This family-run bakery is still fronted by its 75-year-old patriarch, Suppakij Pucharoensilp.

I find DK Bakery’s buns absolutely addictive - they are the sort which appeals to the Thai taste preferences: soft, moist buns with savoury-sweet fillings. I liked all of them, but these are some of my favourites:

  1. Sangkaya bun. Sangkaya is a more liquid Thai counterpart of the egg-sugar “kaya” of Malaysia & Singapore. The green-hued sangkaya is scented with pandanus (Thai: “bai toey”).

  2. Roast pork bun. The filling is akin to sweet BBQ “char-siu” pork, except that the Thai-Chinese version is even sweeter. I find the sweet-savoury contrast of the Thai “moo daeng” (“red pork”) to be utterly delicious.

  3. Sausage bun - one of their oldest offerings and still very popular.

  4. Ham and pork floss bun. This is a fairly new addition to their repertoire but very tasty all the same. I’m already planning my next trip to Bangkok just to come back here!

  5. Custard puffs.

The bakery looks to be in good hands, Khun Pucharoensilp’s 38-year-old son, Tanawat Phoocharoensil has recently quit his career as Microsoft Thailand’s marketing/key account manager in order to help his father run the family business.

The open kitchen of the bakery - exacting standards are maintained to ensure their baked goods’ quality is maintained.

DK Bakery
741 Silom Road
Tel: +662 233 8352.


Back to DK Bakery yesterday. The roast pork bun was every bit as good - juicy and very flavoursome.

I tried their chicken-and-potato bun as well. While the bun is made from the same dough which yielded a soft, fluffy, sweet bun, its filling didn’t quite wow my tastebuds - no distinct flavours that sets it apart from other meat buns around town.