Bangkok 2024. Walking the Streets - Food

Walking about, exploring and experiencing unfamiliar streets and neighborhoods. THE great joy of traveling to new places.

Bright and early, most venders still setting up shop. Relaxed anticipation of the lunch surge soon to come.

Started with a Longan Fruit drink. Longan is similar to the more familiar Lychee. The iced lightly sweet drink with a pick to spear the grape sized longan. Refreshing sip and nice snappy fruit.

Beautiful exotic fruit abound, exorbitant priced back home. Everyday eats here.

Grabbed a few bites for a morning nosh. I’ll have this:

And that (Fried Chicken? Sure).

A glorious tub of Braised Pork Hock. We jumped in with both feet!!! :wink:

Exercising uncustomary restraint, we capped our purchases so we can fully enjoy our real lunch upcoming. We Farang-ed (foreigner) out and enjoyed our haul in that American coffee shop.

Street food total ~ $6.50
2 x Grande Whatever: $9.50
Aircon in ambient 93°F: Priceless

Not the best food ever. Good Eats?? Hella Yes!!!


Looks incredible! My very favorite street for experience in Thailand was discovering grilled sticky rice and banana wrapped in banana leaves. Heavenly. I still think about it 20 years later!


One of my fave food items in Bangkok! The best ones can be found at one of several popular outlets along Soi Saint Louis 3:


Didn’t know pig trotters were a speciality in Bangkok. Come to think of it, we’ve seen a few street venders offering this.

We’re back to Singapore in a couple of days and will have to wait til next time to hit Soi Saint Louis 3. So much more good stuff here, wife already telling me to start planning.


Photos of some random walks around town.

Gotta love a city where beautiful perfect orchids just pop up on utility poles.

Brings back the vivid memory of the FIRST TIME I experienced music visually, not just aurally. Wow man, trippin’

The BEST Mango & Sticky Rice, according to Da Wife’s unimpeachable sources.

Came for the Morning Glory. Stayed for Noodles. Threw some darts at the board, took our chances.

Bought a piece of grilled chicken we didn’t really need, already bursting from lunch. Chicken was good!! Good Smokey chew, shoulda grabbed the fish also.

The Michelin Man been bizzy in Asia. See his shingle in quite a few places, many sans white tablecloth.

YouTiao fried then grill finished??? Must be good. Two carts side by side hawking what appears the exact same specialty. Both flashing the Michelin badge.

More to come.


Is that stinky tofu?

Only stink I’ve come across here is Durian. These are just regular tofu, which is ok by me.