[Bangkok] Stewed Pork Rice - Khao Kaa Muu Trak Kai, Saint Louis

Everyone in Bangkok has his/her own fave “khao kaa muu” (stewed pork rice) spot along Soi Saint Louis 3. The award-winning Khao Kaa Muu Trak Kai has a reputation of having a lighter, less salty/less fatty version compared to its rivals down the street.

  1. Huge vat of pig parts simmering in a slightly sweet, soy-flavoured braising sauce till fall-off-the-bone tender. Hard-boiled eggs and tofu puffs, common accompaniments for “kaa muu” were braised together.

  1. Stewed pig’s trotter, with sweet-pickled mustard green by the side.

  2. Stewed pork hock:

  3. Stewed pig’s intestines, tofu puffs and hard-boiled eggs.

  4. Muu krob (crisp-fried battered pork) is also offered, providing a textural contrast with the tender, stewed pork.

Absolutely wonderful meal - do NOT confuse the “khao kaa muu” eateries at Saint Louis district in Bangkok with the eponymous “Saint Louis Stewed Pork” stalls you see in the upmarket food courts in the swanky malls like Siam Paragon in Pathumwan, Central in Chidlom or Emporium in Phrom Phong - these chain stalls merely use the “Saint Louis” brand name, but are not related to those original family-owned places.


This is making me really hungry…

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