Bake your bread, make your desserts 2020

This loaf cake was a big bore. The cider flavor was barely there. It will be used in some other way.

Then I moved on to oat milk dark chocolate pudding. Planning a citrus fruit topper later.


That’s a letdown. Maybe you could try drizzling Maple Syrup over the slices?

My wife suggested whipped cream and cooked down apples.

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If you like them, a bread pudding with fruit would be nice, as would a trifle.
It’s disappointing to get a dud recipe or result, through no fault of your own.

Like you, I’d always turn my flops into successes, and luckily I had plenty of eaters in my life when I baked more, including people at work @Rooster.

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I whipped some maple cream up @RedJim and layered it with slices @Lambchop and sent the loaves off to my neighbors. Their kids are always up for a quick snack. The hilltop cul de sac we share is a popular hang for skateboarders…with appetites.

The pudding is all ours😉.


We try :wink:. I don’t like to waste food but I also don’t enjoy eating anything just to clear the decks. Thxs for the support.

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That sounds great!


Baked bread by request today, to use some new toys (that I did not order :joy:)

Banneton, couche, bread pot - all adorable :heart_eyes: - and unnecessary :joy:

No-knead overnight, Lahey / SE recipe with some tweaks (tangzhong, adjusted water content / hydration, timing).

Best bread yet, says a discerning little. Fantastic texture, but I’ll use the fridge slow rise for flavor again next time (this was quick - maybe 10h overnight and then 2.5h second rise with 0.5t yeast).


Looks beautiful. Nice vessel.

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I love the size of that crumb! Fabulous!

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Bummer. It would probably make good french toast.

No, too moist. It was soft.

Broke out the toys again for another no-knead boule.

Half whole wheat this time, tangzhong again, and an excellent result.

I was a bit worried about the ww, but I used indian chapati flour instead of regular ww, and the finer, softer flour worked perfectly. I might test a greater proportion…

This dough aged in the fridge for 3 days.

And I had an unfortunate experience with the banneton (dough stuck, of course) - so I’m very lucky the boule still turned out the way it did!


Gorgeous bread @Saregama

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It looks lucious!

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Thanks! It was a testament to how forgiving bread baking is…

I almost cried when the fully risen dough tore because of sticking to the banneton… I scraped out the stuck part and stuffed it into the bottom, inverted the dough again so the torn part was on the bottom too, said a small prayer and put it in the oven.


Thank you! I recall you had a LOT of flour… hope you’re still enjoying using it!

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Pumpkin muffins. My sisters recipe and the baking papers from my Aunt.


Ok, I may have gone nuts, but I’m going to try making bagels tonight. (Emboldened / crazed by the recent bread successes…)

Anyone been down this path and have advice for me?

The SE recipe uses tangzhong (by another name), but I’m not kneading or breaking someone else’s FP over this.

Thinking of adapting it to the no-knead bread method (given that they have an excellent NKB recipe, I’m mildly annoyed they haven’t yet done a bagel version).

So maybe the same recipe, shape and cold rise overnight, boil and bake in the am…

Suggestions? Advice?

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Never made bagels but wishing you the best of luck. It sounds fun!

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold