Bagels, bagels, bagels. NYC Suburbs, Westchester County, Long Island, upstate NY and Connecticut.

I have never found another bagel in Westchester to match those from Bagel Works on the East Side of Manhattan on 1st Avenue, from when I brought my late departed saint of a dog to the AMC.

And I’ve tried a lot. Maybe not all, but a lot. I had settled on those from What A Bagel Cafe, which makes an outstanding strawberry cream cheese, because I almost always went there with a Groupon 50% off coupon. The bagels are normally $11. a dozen.

THEN, WABC decided that they would no longer honor Groupon other than - get this - for THREE COUPONS IN A LIFETIME. My lifetime or their lifetime? I never bothered to ask, I just never went back.

So, since hubby eats more bagels than I, and so does the dog for that matter, he settled on the bagels from Neri, which aren’t half bad, and - get this - are $2.50 or maybe $3.00 a dozen. We never know since we also get their rolls (cheap) and their garlic bread (cheap) at the same time.

sigh I wear myself out talking so much.

SO, this a.m. I see an a post on F/B by Food Town in Croton on Hudson which I’ll never get to singing the praises of their fresh bagels from The Bagel Emporium in - get this - Portchester. Now, I’ve never been there, have you?

So, off I go to Google and they are on Irving Ave. in Portchester, their bagels are $11. a pound, and they have a slew of flavored cream chesses. Gotta try it, natch.

I wonder if they cooperate with Groupon and don’t have a lifetime restriction on their use. A lifetime restriction, can you imagine?:grimacing:

$11 a pound?! isn’t that like 5 bagels?

Doh. Color me ditzy.

That should be, of course, a dozen. And from what I read, it’s a baker’s dozen.

Best bagel is so subjective. Personally I have not found anything up here that comes close to NYC bagels. Bagel works - 2nd and 65th? I like Tal but they don’t freeze well. Friends swear by Ess-a-Bagel. Up here… meh. Nothing in my area. Once in a while I get from Highland II on Central in Hartsdale and I like the mini bagels from Bedford Bagel and Bakery - though I hate the store, hate the regular bagels, but the mini’s remind me of the old fashioned bagels I used to like, Maybe I should drive to Portchester?

True, Gwenn. If you don’t mind grumpy counter persons and high prices and a stupid lifetime restriction, then What A Bagel Cafe has a good bagel, I have to admit. But I’d rather bite off my nose to spite my face.:angry:

Bagel Works - 1st Ave. between 66th and 67th. An everything flat bagel to die for. For a phrase I hate, I’m using that an awful lot lately.

I don’t know Tal or Ess-a-Bagel or Highland II or Bedford Bagel. Honestly, hubby found Neri and there’s no budging him. And he does freeze them, and they’re fine, toasted. Dog likes them best with peanut butter. I can’t believe they have 7 cat emoticons but no dogs.

If you get to Bagel Emporium before I do, let me know. They have a high bar to reach.

My mistake - HIghpoint II - its ok, and Bedford is not but its the only game in town and always packed.

CT = NONE; there are no bagels up here rated higher than a 6.

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Once upon a time, there was a wonderful NY style bagel shop in the Quaker Ridge Shopping Center in New Rochelle. Great smoked fish and crazy lines on Sunday Morning. Is it still there? If so, need to make a run down there.

Agree that CT is somewhat bare in the bagel dept. Liz Sue on High Ridge in Stamford probably the best of the lot.

It is. I can’t remember their bagels, so I’ll have to include them in my taste test when I get around to it.

H&R bagels in New Rochelle. Still there, bagels still good, lines still out the door. Great smoked fish including sable and sturgeon belly (salty) lox. Only problem is now the pre-cut the smoked salmon sometimes the slices are too thick.

Love the bagels from New Rochelle. Often they are hot! What could be better than a hot bagel! Bagel Emporium in Port Chester is good, not fantastic. Crazy, but we like the bagels (particularly the minis) from Fairway!

Now that I have time on my hands, maybe I’ll make the trip to New Rochelle. Is it on the Scarsdale border?

Yes, I like Fairway bagels too but no Fairway near me either!!!

Quaker Ridge Rd. and North Ave., Gwenn.

Same strip mall where ACME is now.

Thanks, Dee. I’ll take a ride there one of these days!!

Gwen, it’s off the Hutch near Weaver Street

Thanks! Welcome Debmom!

Thanks, Gwenn! Happy to have found some familiar people!

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Thanks for the head’s up. I’m not a big bagel person, but will certainly stop by next time I visit my dad in scarsdale

Not my personal favorite:

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