Where do you get your lox & bagels for the Holidays?

Who sells the best in West/Fair?

Best smoked salmon is Mt. Kisco Smokehouse on Lexington Ave in Mt. Kisco. The bagels are not good, though.

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So where would you recommend for bagels, Gwenn?

Already a thread on this.

Thanks, I will cipher thru it…

Sammy’s on Weaver Street in Scarsdale.

I wish I lived closer to Sammy’s. The only bagel place anywhere near me, and it’s not really, is Highridge 2 in Hartsdale.

Bagels and More across from the Hartsdale train station has good bagels too. I haven’t been to Highridge 2 so don’t know how they compare.

I’ve heard about them too. I’m up in Goldens bridge. We have nothing. Of course what bagels are good is totally subjective. For me, the best bagels are in the city!

Before I moved to Westchester, we lived across the street from Ess-a-bagel, so my standards are pretty high. Can’t help you in your area but if you do get to Hartsdale/Scarsdale area, bring some home and freeze them. Still will be better than most!

Yes, I used to get them from Jumbo and freeze them. Then Jumbo changed owners. I’ve heard Ess a Bagel is good. The last time I passed the line was out the door, though! Some day! But if Ess-a-Bagel is your standard, I’ll check out
Bagels and More!

Gwenn is right about Mt. Kisco Smokehouse . They have the best. They recently had a recall on some of their packaged products but that’s the first and only bad thing I’ve ever heard about them.

We get our bagels at Bagels on Hudson in Croton. They are the best we’ve found nearby. Definitely don’t hold a candle to NYC bagels.

I’m a belly lox (salty) fan. And yes, the best I’ve tasted is from Mt. Kisco Smokehouse. Only problem is that it is $54 a pound, at least it was the last time I was there. Not many stores in the area carry belly lox as opposed to regular smoked or Nova. H & R in New Rochelle has it for much less, I think it was about $30 a pound. And it is pretty good. Does anyone know of other places in lower Westchester that carry belly lox - fresh cut not the terrible packaged stuff?

We possibly ate one of those packages. No problems.

Sorry, no. But if I hear of any place I’ll post it.

Good to hear. We usually get the packages at Bagels on Hudson but passed this past weekend out of caution.

Have you guys ever cold smoked your own? I do this occasionally for the Julbord, or Swedish Christmas table.

It’s time consuming but not difficult and you can control the smoke and the cure to get something that tastes much better than store bought.

The only thing that is tricky is that you need to use an offset. But these aren’t hard to do. This guy has a method using a couple of cardboard boxes and some PVC pipe:

I understand the charm of store bought, but I can tell you that the results with smoking your own more than repay the effort.

PS. I use dill, white sugar, sea salt, and cracked black pepper and cracked brown mustard seed in my cure, so it’s a lot like grav lax. I have also seen people use cognac or Scotch whisky in the cure.

I usually use birch or pear wood to generate the smoke.

Finally, if you have good bagels send some COD please. I have yet to find a decent bagel at the shore.

. . . and what breads do you choose for Tashlich?

rye for bad jokes?

white for political incorrectness?

challah for ovo-lacto veganism?

bagel for hole in the heart?

baguette for surrender monkey?

. . . ?

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