I’m so confused. The other day I got a badge that said top 5% this month and today I got one that said top 10% - what’s up with that?

I’ve had that too (but with 10% and 20% - guess I’m not as cool as everyone else :wink: )

In my head I’ve blamed it on some flawed logic written into the code, cause if you’re in the top 5% you’re also technically in the top 10%. So I wonder if in some rounding formula you end up in both buckets if you’re right on the cusp.

I got 20% 3 times this month already for being in the top 20% for the month. :laughing:

Yeah, I see that myself too. I think if one’s activities are somewhat between the two threshold, the system just fluctuates between the two dependent on where one is on a given day.

What it should be, is last month where a person is, grant the badge, and be done for the month. Some users of this forum software wrote the code that grants the badge. If there is SQL expert out there, please help improve the code.

But, you are awesome either way- 10%, 20%!


Whispers to self; {{ slacker }}

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