Bad news in the age of Covid-19

Something we are considering for next year, as an alternative to the risk of flying. I’ve already done some research and the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander would probably be a better route, avoiding the drive through France. Many years ago, we did drive to Northern Italy for a holiday. Of course, all this would put an end to our annual three week winter holiday in Tenerife - but probably better that than the flying.

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Observations from Puget Sound Area - NONE! Too spooked to go out. Do however quiz H carefully when he provisions up, or runs other errands. We are under a statewide mandate to wear masks everywhere, but wide open spaces, as in camping or hiking. H said everyone he saw Friday was indeed masked, everywhere he stopped. In our small town, before moving to Phase 2, we had a high percentage of mask wearers; as we approached the phase 2 of reopening, many people had gotten complacent and had stopped wearing them. Happy there’s a mandate in place, since for now, that, and distancing are our only weapons against possibly contracting the big scary. Enemy #1 for the entire planet IMO.


Thanks for posting - very much appreciated reading that. Yes, puts things in perspective, and as well, provides context about why the generation before the boomers are who they are/were in both good and bad ways.

Lucky for you. The UK government has not been on the ball about this whole thing. Late to lockdown, slow with vital PPE, to lax a lockdown and, then, relaxations coming before infections are properly under control. And most “restrictions” are now only advisory.

@Harters, NOLA pictures, as promised. Need to respect DD2’s privacy, but you get the idea. Knowing my musical tastes, you know why this mom is so proud! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::peace_symbol:


BTW, last pic is of St Louis Historic Cemetary #1, the Pyramid is the actor Nicholas Cage’s tomb to be. He paid 1 million $$ for it, plus the very steep maintenance fees in perpetuity. Madame Leveaux is entombed there as well as other notables.


Yeah, we always wore black to Cafe Du Monde so that when we crossed the street for the Central Grocery muffeletta course, the powdered sugar remnants would identify us as out-of-towners.


That is too funny! Right after finishing up there we were waiting for the carriage tour to the cemetery in the sweltering August heat. I ran into a bar for a large beer to take on tour - not normally a beer drinker it was good on that extremely hot day. Oh, think we went to Sally’s first, for pralines, but that may have been a different day. Think we did CDM twice. I don’t care if it’s touristy, love the place & their coffee…had some yesterday. I get it at the Vietnam/Cambodian market really cheap, like $4.99.

We had to check, because it used to be you had to get to Galatoire’s early enough to be in line to lunch in the downstairs room where reservations were not taken and was the place to be, especially on Friday. As expected, the line no longer forms:

This story postdates our last and fondly remembered lunch (and we personally stood in line for under an hour):

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CORRECTION - This is slightly embarrassing, but I have not been out and about since Thursday. I’ve been wearing a mask and irritated with people who don’t for so long that I forgot about the new Texas mandate requiring face masks starting at noon on Friday. Happy to report after my trip to the store today that those people who couldn’t be bothered to wear them before are wearing one now. It’s about time.

And now for some good news and bad news. I’ll let you be the the judge of whether this person is being treated fairly or not.

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I’m getting an “access denied” message to that link.

@Harters - the story is of some bonehead who has COVID-19 violating a quarantine order despite multiple orders.

@Miss_belle - I would say the individual in question is being treated more than fairly. It sounds like the quarantine order/rule did not include either a reference to existing statute for punishment in the event of violation or specifics of its own. The County should not have to file a lawsuit to receive a judicial order. The miscreant should be in jail, recognizing there are issues here as well. Perhaps an electronic ankle monitor?

You can’t fix stupid. In Texas, aren’t you allowed to shoot it? grin

Here you go @Harters:

Thanks, Lambchop. It’s good to know that parts of the world are treating this sufficiently seriously as to have “requirements” - unlike my part of the world where effectively the only requirement is now to wear face covering on public transport. Everything else is now an advisory.

Sorry to hear that @Harters, I know it’s easing the comfort level of many when everyone is masked. Maybe your country will follow suit. As well as others for this global problem…

Sorry to hear that. I would have trouble leaving the house. My main residence is Manhattan, and what I’ve observed is near 100% compliance in stores, and around 75% compliance on public buses and on the street. My secondary residence is in Ulster County, NY, where mask-wearing could easily be construed as a political statement. Grocery stores are about 95% compliant, restaurants higher still. It seems like capitalism might trump…well, you know.

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Don’t know quite where to put this, so here will do…

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$20 for a burger? Jeepers. Too thick to eat. Learn to cook. Rant on…

ETA: American cheese is not food, much less cheese.

They’re in your neighborhood, not mine.
But interesting to trace Kansas beef from out on the range to the takeout orders of movers and shakers + the Pat Lafreida angle.

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I’m disavowing all geographic association. I looked at their menu and they have a “kit” to make burgers at home. $90 for a kit to make four cheeseburgers. That is truly obscene. The pictures on the website don’t look that great so the experience can’t possibly be good value for money.

We’re fortunate that we can afford to pay $20 for a hamburger. We won’t. Not ever. Not good value for money, and much more fun to make them at home.