Bad news in the age of Covid-19

This is a big report on The Guardian online independent newspaper this morning.

Totally ignorant to remove masks and to go back to the way things were before Covid.

This is not just a flu, this is a pandemic and so yes, I agree with President Biden, these governors are Neanderthal in thinking.


Apparently the administration does not apply the rules the rest of us must comply with to illegal immigrants,travel-related%20infections.

That is bad news in the age of COVID-19.


I live in Texas and will continue to mask up. I was at a very busy grocery store a couple of weeks ago, shopped for about ten minutes and to my horror realized I had no mask. I scurried back to the car and applied one.

The Wifeacita works for the health department and they will continue to wear masks.

I’ve got more masks than I know what to do with so I might as well wear them.



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the CDC continues to advise vaccinated people to take precautions in public places, such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated areas.

Simple terms for HO: Going out to eat is a bad idea. Stay home.

“Gas prices spiked above $3 per gallon this week, and some gas stations in states like Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee were fresh out of supply. Others saw lines dozens of cars deep and drivers loading up other vessels to store more gasoline. Buttigieg issued a stern warning to consumers not to store gas in anything but approved containers. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission put out a statement on Twitter telling Americans not to store gasoline in plastic bags.

That is bad news indeed. The fact that the USCPSC had to actually put out a warning like this. I mean who in their right mind would …oh never mind.


From today’s NYT In England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set on lifting almost all virus-related restrictions next week despite a surge in cases. Britain is recording about 30,000 new coronavirus cases a day.


Greed for tourism …

Awful decision …


Reports of breakthrough infections continue to climb. Guillain-Barre up. Long-haul COVID up from presymptomatic and asymptomatic cases up.

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Not Covid related but I had to speak to a human at the IRS. I was repeatedly told by the recording that everyone was helping other “customers.”

My fellow Americans we are customers of the IRS.


I really really really hate to stick up for the IRS but one definition of the word customer is:

~ A person or thing of a specified kind that one has to deal with.

So there is that in their favor. Kind of. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I prefer to be called a thing. :crazy_face:

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Terribly sad.

I shall read when I return from Market …

Thank you for posting.

Such a waste, and I suppose logistics is part of the issue given the refrigeration needs of some of the vaccines. I would have hoped that after the first few months, that some provisions could be made to expeditiously review and get vaccine to either less developed countries or even countries where access is not so good (e.g., Japan!).

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