Bacon, lettuce and tomato....salad

Looks wonderful @shrinkrap!

Nice. Just the other day I ran out of tomatoes and used to peaches to round out my caprese salad. Bacon would have been so good with it.


I’ll be doing the same @MsBean, but H might not share my enthusiasm, since he loves tomatoes. OTOH, we have no ripe tomatoes yet in the garden, except for a few cherry types. It’s all late this year, and I fear we’re not going to have a great harvest. We’ll have to see…

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BLT salads will be on repeat here until summer tomatoes are no more. I’ve been adding a hard boiled egg and blue cheese to ours, as @Sasha suggested, for a more substantial meal. Heavy on the ripe tomatoes, please.

For me, this ranks as the best meal inspiration of the summer.


It’s got your name written all over it! :grin:

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I just leave the bread/croutons out of everything… generally wheat-free eater, over here. But the bacon will provide crunch… add a bit more, to compensate for lack of croutons. Or use popcorn.

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