Bacon in the microwave... I'm a convert

I’ve been cooking bacon in the microwave lately, and I like the results. I lay 6 slices on a paper towel with a plate underneath, and put another paper towel on top. I cook for 4 minutes, and it turns out perfectly. I use center cut bacon which has less fat, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Clean up is just tossing the paper towels in the trash, and putting the plate in the dishwasher.

The power of the microwave, and the thickness of the bacon would change the cooking time.

Have you tried this? Happy with your results?

Do this all the time and love it!

While I like the clean up and the lack of splatter, I find the bacon does not taste as good. And it cooks unevenly - sometimes burnt in the center. I cook 3 slices for 2 minutes. Same method, between paper towels on a paper plate.

What setting? Just blast full speed for 4 minutes?

I use full power for 4 minutes.
Every microwave is different, so it might take some trial and error. If I’m making 5 slices instead of 6, the time would change a little.

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I’ve tried it once or twice, but the bacon comes out hard enough to break your teeth (luckily I’ve avoided that fiasco so far). I bake it and it’s perfect, but it does take a good 20+ minutes.


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While I like the clean up and the lack of splatter, I find the bacon does not taste as good. And it cooks unevenly - sometimes burnt in the center. I cook 3 slices for 2 minutes. Same method, between paper towels on a paper plate

I agree. I have cooked bacon in the microwave using the paper towels on a plate method and have tried almost every variation of microwave bacon rack manufactured and have never been completely happy with the results. I am, however, a total convert to the regular oven/ sheet pan method.


Doesn’t it make the microwave smell like bacon?

It can make the microwave smell like bacon, but the paper towels absorb a lot of it.

Interesting…will have to give this a try. Certainly one way to avoid bacon splash nipple burns! (I often cook breakfast shirtless…don’t judge me!!)

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Not judging. But TMI!!!

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Yes, it works well, depending on your MWO, and having it dialed in. I think you may be understating the cleanup a bit–my oven and turntable end up greasy no matter whether I use a plate and paper towels.

If I have time, I actually prefer making bacon in the oven.



Used to do some microwave bacon cooking, but am now a total convert to oven cooking. I use a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Cook at 400 for about 15 to 20 minutes. No turning, no cleanup (just bunch up the paper and throw away) and it comes out great. Can also fit more bacon on a sheet pan than in a typical microwave.

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None of you cook later on with the rendered bacon fat? or is there some way of saving it using these methods?

I use an unlined sheet pan in the oven and save every drop of the grease. Several times I tried it in the microwave without paper towels - used a ceramic plate and laid parchment atop the bacon to limit spatter. You can save the grease that way but it is white and flavorless, and has some water content that means fast spoilage. The bacon’s texture and flavor isn’t as good as oven-baked, either.


I’ve done the microwave and yes it’s speedy but like the oven when doing a full lb. I line my sheet pans with parchment paper. Still have to clean the sheet trays buts it seems to hold most of the oil which can be poured off and saved

I’ve never been a big fan of cooking raw bacon in the microwave. My preferred method is on a cookie cooling rack suspended over a half sheet pan, which is a PIA. Since I’ve discovered the Hormel Pre-Cooked Bacon @ Costco, I now cook bacon on a parer towel in the microwave for a minute and a half on high. Is it the greatest bacon? No, but it’s quite good albeit thin. It’s so easy and mess free I get to enjoy bacon whenever I want. My alarm goes off @ 5:30AM weekdays so any time saver is appreciated.

As a young sprout, we always had a grease container setting on the stove.
As time marched on, the idea of saving grease was antithetical to healthy living. Now that I’m almost 65
I figure I’ve beaten the odds so it’s all gravy.
Bacon builds strong bodies 12 ways.

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Oven is still my preferred method.

I just did a couple pans in the oven this morning. Cold oven set at 400f. Two 1/2 sheet pans lined with parchment. 20 min later, no oven mess and the parchment was lifted out after the bacon was removed and fat cleanly drained into a container. The pans were clean and went back to the cupboard. I did blot the bacon with paper towels to remove excess surface grease before using for a few BLTs. Minimal mess and perfectly cooked bacon

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We still save the goose fat every Christmas. But I remember my grandmother frying cubes of pork fat (skin?) to save the fat for later use. After she strained it, my grandfather would take the little, hot fried leftover pork cubes, sprinkle them with coarse salt, and feed it to us, bit by bit.

Pure salty, greasy heaven.

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