Bacon Candy/Candied Bacon

Anyone here make it and have an amazing recipe that they want to share?

I want to make some as a munchie before Christmas dinner with the other things that I am making.


Had some good candied bacon at DoobieWah’s just last night. Best ask him.
(Houston, good 'ol Texas)

I’ve made straight-up candied bacon by just laying the bacon on a rack over a rimmed baking sheet and sprinkling it with brown sugar. Bake until brown and crispy, then break up when cool.

My son makes bacon crack for his friends –


Yeah, there’s no real science involved here - just sprinkle the bacon with your sugar of choice (or brush it with maple syrup) and bake it until done. You can add a little cayenne pepper or brush it with chipotle puree if you like the spicy/sweet combo.

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a friend of mine brushes on a concoction of sriracha, maple syrup, and brown sugar

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Minus the brown sugar, that’s one of my favorite glazes for braised pork belly - I imagine it would be perfect on bacon as well!

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Well thanky bro’.

I made some last weekend thusly:

Lay strips of thick cut bacon on a sheet of aluminum foil or wax paper and sprinkle with sugar, (I used turbinado), a little black pepper and a light dusting of cinnamon. Rub into the rashers with your fingers, turn 'em over and do it again.

Place on a rack over a foil lined cookie sheet, (for cleanup purposes), and bake at 300’ for about 45 minutes. I just start checking them every ten minutes or so after half an hour. I flipped 'em once, but if you have a good rack, it’s probably not necessary. The low cooking temp takes more time, but produces a better product.

Let cool. Or not. Yummy.


Awesome! Thanks for all of the replies.

Next question- how does it store?? I want to make it the 24th to serve on the 25th?

Store in the fridge. No problem. I made mine Sunday and I have a few strips left.

Good in salad, mac n cheese, or with a slice of bread wrapped around 'em.