Back to Fortina after a Long Absence, Armonk

For various reasons – life – we have not been to Fortina in about 8 months. Last night we decided to go back. At first we were a bit taken aback as there was NO ONE there we recognized. The GM, who we really liked, was gone, and any wait staff we knew as well. And it was loud, oh, so loud. But we were seated by very friendly staff at a large table where we could see the whole dining room. A couple of different staff came by and offered drinks and water and explained a new system – there is a little stand and a small playing card on the table. If you need anything just display the card in the stand and someone will come over. A gimmick but it worked. The new GM introduced himself and made a point of hitting each table several times. He was a presence in the dining room at all times. Our server was friendly and knowledgeable. And the staff was having FUN. Dancing to the loud music as they crossed the floor, playing with the kids. Pretty soon I was having fun. We really had an enjoyable evening. As to the food, we only ever get pizza as our main and we split the wood roasted bone marrow, which was killer. We stayed pretty plain on the pizza’s - DH going for the Ray’s with Truffle pate added and me going for a Margherita with fontina and garlic (my own version as I’m not a fan of fresh mozz). Their pizza is really, really good. Thin charred crust, tomatoey sauce – really good. Now admittedly, one is not always in the mood for dinner with a ruckus, but when we are, we will head back down to Armonk – sooner rather than later!


Sounds awesome. What time did you go? Early evenings on the weekends are usually a bit less loud. It most definitely turns into a party after like 7 or so.

We went early - 6. It was a blast - I think we both kind of needed that sort of thing!!! And the best part is I have half my pizza in the freezer for another night!

Definitely looking forward to trying the Armonk location - not to mention having one in my backyard! I drove past the future Yonkers location and it appears that the exterior work is mostly complete, but not much has been done to the interior from what I could see. Hopefully things will accelerate as the weather warms up!

I asked the GM last night - they expect Yonkers to open in 2-3 months. In time for warm weather outdoor pizza.

That is AWESOME news! I’m surprised it will be done that quickly because it looks like the interior of the building still needs a LOT of work, but maybe they are doing it in stages to get places like Fortina open ASAP.

They are working on Brooklyn as well. That will be open before Yonkers.

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I want to add that Fortina called us today to make sure we were happy with everything last night.

Calling the day after seems to be their new thing. I like it. They do put a very big focus on customer service.

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Went again last night. I am always struck by the level of attention . You can see the manager constantly checking every table - not in your face but from a distance. Making sure everyone is happy and has everything they need. Last night we sat very close to a young couple who had only been there once before. My husband, of course, had the bone marrow, and when the young man said he almost got it but never had it, DH gave him a taste! Then when the couple’s mains came, the woman gave me a taste of her meatball. It was very good - I believe it was fried. It had a nice crust and tasted great. Another fun night. Oh, not to mention great pizza!!

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Wondering if there is consistency at all the Fortina restaurants. Has anyone been to their other operations? Want to pick one to visit…Thanks!

I’d go to Armonk. But friends have gone to Stamford and loved it.

So, for all you Fortina lovers, here is some news.

Brooklyn is OPEN. I was at DeKalb Market a few weeks ago but I didn’t see the Fortina and I was too busy stuffing my face with other things to remember to look for it.

In more relevant NYS news, here is an update/sneak peek of the Yonkers location. @biondanonima I expect you will be very interested in this!

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Yay! We’ve been spying on it every time we drive past but it looks like things are going slowly. The Taco Project in that building is now officially open, though - we were thinking of going this weekend for a meal and to get a closer look inside Fortina!

I just don’t get this place
“the emperors new clothes”
I so prefer The Cookery

I’m headed back to Fortina Armonk tomorrow night – it’s been a while. I’m most looking forward to their bread pudding. Will report back!

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My husband is on low carb so it will be awhile before we get back there. He can’t go there and not have pizza!

The Cookery or The Parlor?

I don’t get Fortina, I hated everything about it.
I much prefer the cookery.
I suppose my post could be confusing because the restaurants are not connected.
I was thinking hip, Italian food and very loud in common. Only difference IMO, the cookery has good food.

The only thing I get at Fortina is the pizza and I love that. It is way too loud - unless you are in the mood. Still need to try the Cookery - one day!