Baby it's cold outside

Christmas Day was about 32 degrees. Ever since we’re wavering between 0 and 15. Brrrr. So I have made: beef stew with biscuits and green beans, roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and spinach, roast beef and roasted potatoes with green beans, chicken cacciatore, left over roast with potato cakes. I didn’t think the snow and cold would last this long, so I’m running out of proteins. Any suggestions?

I have some chicken and ground beef in the freezer. Bacon and eggs in the fridge. Beans in the pantry, but somehow ran out of canned tomatoes. Plenty of pasta.

Have an 89-y-o mom in the house, a child of the depression who will eat a ketchup and onion sandwich and be happy, so no suggestions are too odd.

Plenty proteins in raw water…

Do you have any veggies, either fresh or frozen?

I’d chop some bacon up and fry it, then cube up the chicken and saute it in the bacon fat along with some onion and garlic. Then add in some veggies, maybe chopped carrots and peas, or some spinach or kale (or whatever you have!). Then add in some chicken broth and some milk/cream/evaporated milk. Simmer for a couple minutes, then add in some cooked pasta and cook until the sauce has thickened up a bit. S&P to taste, and maybe even some red pepper flakes for some heat. Add grated Parmesan if you have it, but it’ll be good without it too.

You could also do meatballs using the ground beef, or meatloaf. Spaghetti aglio de olio is always good, either by its own, or as a side. You can make it simple, or dress it up a bit, depending on what you have.

I’m not above doing bacon, eggs and toast for dinner either. I do that with my kids sometimes when the husband is on a work trip.


Chicken tetrazzini, black bean soup. And remember that you don’t have to have protein at every meal.

Raw water . . . I’ll get sick on my own, thanks.

Winner winner ground beef dinner! Meatballs with frozen spinach and pasta.

Sunday will be a cheese omelette with parm and bacon.

Monday is going to be a balmy 40 degrees. Time to restock the pantry.


frijoles borrachoes! Tomatoes would be nice, but with bacon and onion/garlic/chili who cares… Hope you’re not out of beer

Lots of hoppy beer, but it’s so cold I’m focusing on whiskey, red wine and alcohol-infused coffee.


This very simple bean soup from marcella hazan is a great way to make something fabulous from almost nothing. The brine and soak technique is a game changer. I would have a side salad or add some greens at the end of cooking the beans but certainly not essential. Leftovers reheat well