Baby Food 2021

Any Suggestions on how to make baby food at home. It’s a tough time going forward to believe on the baby food products available outside, amount of processing, storing and chemicals goes into making a food product nowadays.

Thank god my 7months old getting fed by her grandmother’s recipe. So many ingredients(mostly millets) goes in. Looking for a simpler product instead, any leads would be appreciated.


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Are there any allergies you’re worried about? For a 7 mo old it should be pretty simple. It’s been many years, but I remember we just boiled/steamed/sauteed/etc simple foods, mashed/pureed them, and that was it. I would always taste it. My rule was: if I wouldn’t eat it, I wouldn’t feed it to them. Also, from time to time, drink from their sippy cups and what nots. Often times, there’s soap residue still left in them. And they could have accumulated bad smells/tastes and need to be replaced.


I used to have a food mill for that purpose, primarily for steamed veg , and also used some whole grain ( or whole wheat?) couscous.

Like this, but that was more than 30 years ago.


I see better ones now.


This is interesting. To be frank I didn’t knew something like this exist. Thanks anyway.

It’s not about allergies but to avoid artificial sweetness added to products available outside. Want to try only homemade food which id nutritional.

“The Womanly Art Of Breastfeedibg” has a whole section on baby food, allergies, the progression of baby foods etc. We followed that for our kids. That & a food processor got us through 3 kids.


Baby feeding is a personal, regional and timely thing. In our area, self-feeding is preferred. Avocado and banana are considered perfect starter foods; scrambled egg; yogurt. And, yes, it is MESSY and unattractive as baby gets as much outside her mouth as in. At 7 months, a baby should be able to handle any food that is to some extent mashed up. And, yes, you are controlling sugar and salt as well as extraneous ingredients. But practice makes better if not perfect, and the end result is a child who is eating at its own pace and quantity, supposedly less adult obesity.

Get a plastic ground-cloth to go under the highchair and let the baby have its way!


Child nutrition at different ages has its specifics. We all know that the most responsible period in the life of a child in early childhood. If you start to disrupt children’s nutrition early, you can quickly develop diseases of the digestive organs. Consequently, to avoid this, it is essential to organize the right baby food. It is necessary to properly compose a child’s diet, especially for young children. We need to pay a lot of attention to the choice of products we prepare for children and cooking. Children’s meal kits need to be tailored according to the child’s developmental characteristics at each age.

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I haven’t any idea, but the first thought is a Vitamix might be a helpful tool.

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The op’s kid has his/her driver’s license by now.

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