B2 Bistro Red Bank, NJ

I thought there was a thread about B2 already but I couldn’t find it so I apologize if I’m duplicating. After ready good things about this place, albeit mostly about the burger(s), I decided to give it a try.

Monday night 6pm there was only 1 other table in the place we were seating at a nice table in the dining room. We started with the cheese and meet platter, a mix and match of 5 items for $27. For meats we choose prosciutto and pork butter, 3 cheeses 2 of which were mild and similar although the names escape me, 3rd was a blu cheese.

I prefer Italian meats and cheeses more than combinations like this however everything was very good and as described.

I followed this with 6 oysters, 2 of each variety of east coast oysters they had. 4 of which were fine, 2 were dry as of previously shucked. They don’t offer a traditional cocktail sauce which irked me, although their hipster version was adaquate. The vigegar mignonette was good.

Last my daughter and I shared a clam pie. This was a big let down, bland and tasteless. Even the clams seemed to be canned chopped variety with a very neutral cheese, no garlic or real flavor at all.

Overall I was fairly under impressed with the place, even the menu itself was a bit out of my wheelhouse. The entire time I was telling myself I should just get the burger…I should have listened to myself.

Yeah, they were good for about a week or two at the beginning and then straight downhill. Funny thing - that clam pie was really good when we had it first and then just horrible a month or so later. Even the vaunted burger wasn’t as good. Time to head to Barnacle Bills for a burger.

Sh*t how did I miss the place went downhill reviews!!! All I recall reading was how good the place was…dammit. Well I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me, I do hate going to a place where my opinion varies so badly with what I thought was the popular opinions.

Lots of discussion of B2 on the other site, there is a huge thread, especially including the owners who were behind one of the largest restaurant frauds in Jersey history. How they got a liquor license oughta be sunshined.

We live right across the bridge, but will actually go to oyster point for a burger given the choice. B2 is noisy, and while the food is a little better than average, the patrons are mostly obnoxious. Big black SUV’s making illegal u turns all the time cruising for parking spots. Menu, as you note, can be real hit or miss.

Again we apply the Monmouth Singularity:

Liquor License + Mediocre Food = “Successful” Restaurant

And its corollary:

Any place that is good goes downhill fast.

If I recall properly a few of my comments were removed from that thread because I’ve had personal business with Russ D’anton, who was originally rumored to have been involved in the place. Trust me I’m familiar and that is why I was in no rush to try the place.

I was under the impression he was no longer involved with the restaurant, which is the only reason why I decided to give it a try. Regardless if he is after experiencing it tonight I’m sure Charlie Browns won’t be the only restaurants he was involved with that will go Bk.

I went once and never went back. The value just isn’t there for me. I still will try their burger one day.

Hahahahaha don’t give me another reason to keep you on my sh*t list CJ!!!

D’Anton = Crook.

I’m pretty sure his wife is on the corporate filings and they are investors. They were the last time I checked.

So you’re saying avoid it?

Man I hit the Greek place at pier village tonight…pretty shitty meal. I wasn’t expecting it to be great but what a let down.

I could not recommend the place at all, I’m having some stomach issues as I type I’m praying isn’t the result of one of those less than fresh oysters. The burger on the menu was listed as “aged” for $16 they had one on special with goat cheese and jam. Not for me.

Shoulda gone to Nikos, it’s like 5 blocks north and so much better.

They may be closed on Mondays, but otherwise it’s a much better alternative in that area for Greek.

Yeah I met someone in pier village and that was their pick. I also like Nikos but haven’t been there in a quite some time. I think I could just eat their bread and olives and be content.

jr., I posted in the burger thread that we’d been to B2 specifically to try the burger and that it didn’t blow me away. So, frankly, I don’t think you missed much.

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I think I need your cell #, I need to text you and get your input before I dine out from now on!!

You know what I find curious as I look at the photo of the burger in the link you provided, it is obviously a craft single or equivalent processed cheese slice. While I do love these cheese slices and will use them at home, if I’m out at a non-fast food restaurant and I"m paying north of $15. for a burger, you better dam well give me actual cheese. Am I wrong? Geeze…looking at that I’m not sure they took the plastic off before they melted it to the burger.

Anywho…this place sucks. lol

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This place really bothers me. My husband loved it and we went a few times. I always walked out annoyed. It has the start of a good concept + nice big bar with drinks that are not run of the mill mixed drinks. We took friends there and I was so disappointed/embarrassed that I vowed to never return.

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Wow…disappointed / embarrassed by what? Do share!!

I wasn’t drinking last night so I didn’t even look at their drink(s), although I did find it interesting that if you ordered their special burger (with goat cheese and jam…wtf is jam doing on a burger???) you received happy hour pricing on your drinks all night? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

IT IS ARTISINAL, of course!!!

Disappointed because the food was all solidly medium to poor. One appetizer was nearly inedible and the size was so absurdly small that I thought we were being punked. Especially since we asked if two appetizers would be good to share.

Embarrassed because see above and I always feel bad if we are bringing new people to a place and it sucks. One plus was they made my pregnant friend a really tasty mock-tail which was nice. Regardless, I am in no hurry to return.

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I don’t mean to be the outlier here, but I’ve dined regularly at B2 since it has opened and have generally enjoyed everything i’ve had from cocktails (their Mai Tai being a favorite), to appertizers (always enjoy their daily polenta preparation), entrees (scallops, chicken and burger) as well as the desserts (pot a creme and donuts are stand out). I will admit that I’ve tried items that I’ve not been a fan of, but generally the highs out weigh the lows by a large margin. IMHO, there isn’t an accessible “gastropub” type restaurant in the county operating at their level (though the Grand Tavern in Neptune City is in their league) and I’m damn glad they are around. That being said, I am disappointed that many respected posters have had a different experience.

Hey as they say; Your Mileage May Vary. I’m certainly happy you enjoyed your experiences there…as I said I truly wish I got the burger, but the clam pie in particular was just bad. So plain and flavorless it was truly surprising. There wasn’t enough on the menu to draw me back another time…but you continue to enjoy!! Have a Mai Tai for me!! Hell let me know next time you are in the area and I’ll swing by and buy you one my friend!!! No food challenges though…!!!

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Interestingly enough, the one item I recall having that I did not enjoy was their pizza. As long as you let me buy the next round, you are always welcome to join us.