Authentic Chimichurri sauce

Do you have a recipe that knocks your family and friends socks off? The web is loaded with suggestions and this guy couldnt be more passionate
the ingredients and method are looking good.

What are your tips and recommendations?

Thanks, Rooster

I was hoping to whip up a batch to use up the lamb I have been working thru.

I have no experience wtih the stuff, but the recipe you posted looks good.

I intend to try it.

Cool. If you get to it before I do pls followup. TIA.

Unfortunately I can’t say when, because we have a Grillverbot now. Because of the general dryness and lack of rain, we are not allowed to light our grills. But at the first opportunity …

No pressure😊. I look forward to your replies when you do.

I’ve made chimichurri any number of times, not with a food processor (I don’t have one), and more or less the same as the recipe you linked to, although i use a bit less oil so it’s more herbs held together with oil vs oil with herbs if that makes sense.
Well, and i maybe like it better with cilantro instead of parsley , which is probably heretical but really delicious!
It doesn’t keep well, so best to make a small batch you will use quickly

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Thanks for checking the recipe. I have come to trust your suggestions and appreciate the guidance. I will make a small batch first. It sounded like a nice compliment to grilled lamb.

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I’ve never had it with lamb of course, but it’s tasty on about anything. You could mix some into any leftover quinoa and add whatever beans and veggies for a different variation of quinoa salad too.

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Maybe even as part of a grilled cheese!

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Well, I tried it. We still can’t grill, but I came across something in the supermarket that I think is flank steak. So I bought a piece, cooked it up bleu in the cast iron pan, and served it with the chimichurri sauce. The sauce went really well with the meat. Tomorrow we’ll have a bit more with some lamb chops, and the rest will go over pasta.

Fantastic. Did you make any alterations to the recipe? Anything you would recommend on prep?

Well, in the recipe the author recommended that one add ingredients little by little, tasting as one goes. I just threw everything in together, measuring by eye. I think it ended up a little too salty, but it was still a great success. I only used one small hot pepper, because the peppers that I bought were hotter than I wished. I’ll definitely make it again.

Great, thanks for reporting back. I am going to try it this week. The weather here changed my weekend meal plans.

I had seen Chimichurri sauce on restaurant menus, but when a place offers 5 or 6 different sauces with their hamburgers, Chimichurri, aioli, etc, and whatnot, I tend to assume that they are all industrial productions, and nothing like the original. The author of the recipe tells us that there is no one, single, authentic Chimichurri. But you can be sure that there are 10,000 inauthentic ones.

One of the reasons I started the thread. I did my usual www research reading up but in the end I was confused by the endless alterations. I figured this person felt strongly enough to get behind this recipe to dedicate an entire page to why…I had half a shot at something tasty and authentic.

For me it was a discovery.

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I made flank steak with chimichurri sauce last night with the recipe:

I omitted the onion as I only had red onions and I didn’t want to muddy the colors. I made it the texture of a thin, but not too thin, pesto. I have no idea if it is authentic but it was very good. The marinade was good too.

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Thanks for sharing this. I will check out the recipe.

This morning I made the sauce as written, tasting along the way. Its been melding😀 ready for my lamb kebabs. I could bathe in this sauce, very refreshing.

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