Australia Restaurant Recommendations

This is a long shot but any must try restaurants in Australia - Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne? We’ll be visiting there and seeking recommendations.

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I’d been going to Nick’s for 2 decades now. Still good when I was last there pre-pandemic:

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One thing that surprised us in Sydney was the number of fabulous Asian restaurants. For a splurge, there’s Bennelong, the restaurant in the Opera House. The setting is unforgettable, and the food worthy of the setting.

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So far, here’s what we are considering:

Sydney: Ursula’s, Ormeggio at the Spit, The Blue Door
Brisbane: Detour, Rogue Bistro, 1889 Enoteca

Any comments would be welcome!

Thanks, Bennelong is on my list. The view from the Opera House is great but my concern is it may be a bit on the ‘touristy’ side.

Thanks, will consider it!

We didn’t have that sense. Certainly not hordes. Tables well spaced, suitable for quiet conversation, service very professional.


Haven’t been to Sydney for ages due to the pandemic but last I was there, really enjoyed Firedoor and Aria. Firedoor uses open fire cooking and the chef spent a few years at Etxebarri. Went to Aria for a pre-theatre dinner ages ago and still remembered how good their steak was


Just want to follow up… went to the Sydney restaurants as stated in my Apr 2nd post. They were all good, nothing outstanding. Of the 3 we reserved, the best was Ormeggio at the Spit. Their scampi dish was excellent. Nothing stood out at Ursula’s. The Blue Door Surry Hills billed itself as a ‘sustainable’ restaurant which meant, among many things, that nothing gets wasted. So, for example, one of the bread they said was “day old bread” which tasted like it was more than a day old. Overall it was good but at $145 per person, it was quite pricey for what you’re getting. Seems there’s a fine line between being ‘sustainable’ and being cheap (i.e., not suitable for $145 dinner) that I think sometimes gets crossed.

As a wine guy, we also went to Hunter Valley which is a wine region just outside Sydney. For anyone going there, I would recommend EXP. Restaurant. Tasting menu only, very inventive dishes. Better than any of the Sydney restaurants we went to.