Atlantic City, NJ Recommendations?

We are headed to Borgata Water Club Friday night for our anniversary. We have spent tons of time in AC but honestly the food is never the reason why we keep going back. Anybody have a recommendation? I am not opposed to leaving the Borgata bubble if it is really good. Anything worth getting to in Brigantine? That would be nostalgic for me. I used to live there in college.

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I haven’t tried it myself, but The Knife and Fork Inn is usually where people go to experience Atlantic City away from the casino scene. I like The Palm and Carmine’s at the Tropicana. Both are Atlantic City branches of famed New York restaurants.


I like the Oaxacan dishes at El Rincon Del Sabor by the boardwalk. Went twice for mole and tlayuda last time I was there.

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Dock’s for seafood.

Café 2825 for Italian but will be a challenge to get a ressie on short notice. Definitely worth a visit in the future.

My brother-in-law has a place in Brigantine. He heads into AC to eat, so I’m guessing not much there.

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In The Borgata, If you have a lot comps you might want to check out Old Homestead - great steaks at huge prices.
If you have some comps then Izakaya might be better bang for your comp buck and they do a decent enough job. It’s not Raku in Vegas, but what is?

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I will second The Knife and Fork but it is mostly a steakhouse. My wife doesn’t eat steak but she always finds a good seafood dish to try. I go a few times a year and sometimes plan my gambling around my desire for dinner there.


Chef Vola is also quite good for what I hear. We usually just get lazy and stay in with comps for Homestead and load up on steaks.

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Thanks everybody! I’ll report back on where we land!

We spent a couple days in AC for Justin’s birthday. Stayed at Tropicana. While I’m disappointed we did not get to Knife & Fork or Tony’s, the food we did have was all around fantastic. A highly recommended pub RiRa was closed due to COVID.

One venture outside the casino for drinks at Chelsea Pub. Great atmosphere. Cheapish drinks.

IMG_20210311_155052_029 .

Lunch at Casa Taco. Unbelievable (and enormous) chicken nachos. Could have easily fed four but we shared it as a meal and it was more than enough. Justin swears the chef must be Puerto Rican because he recognized recaito in the chicken seasoning. Also a tequila flight chased with a Magic Hat 9 at 1 pm. Hey, it was a special occasion.

Dinner was at Cuba Libre. Since we had apps at various places throughout the day, we only got entrees here, and they were delicious. I had a perfectly cooked skirt steak with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and a watercress salad. Justin had Ropa Vieja which he loved. Our waiter Eddie was excellent. Oh and great cocktails too-- I tried the Rumrunner and a Caipirihna while Justin went for two of their many mojitos (which were not as sweet as we are used to).

Despite steadily drinking all day, I managed to never actually be drunk. Guess the food sopped it up (lackluster crab fries at Chickie and Pete’s not pictured-- just MEH). Left AC up $150 thanks to blackjack and avoiding slots. Overall a good trip!

And never having stayed overnight there combined with not knowing the Tropicana, I think we walked 10 miles that first day!


After this last year of dealing with running a small business I’m trying to get my wife to relax a bit and take a weekend in AC. We are going to the Trop, I don’t go down there much so whatever discount/comps I get are tied to the Caesars properties and it looks like their spa is/will be open by this weekend.

Eating wise, I’m thinking of staying on property for Friday and booked the Chelsea 5 Gastropub for a little meal. Does anyone have experience with this place? Is it worth a stop? Given it is a casual menu, but my wife is not a big eater and for the first night something like that would be good for us.

For Saturday I was thinking Knife and Fork or Docks. I’ve always wanted to hit them but have been to neither in my years of going down there so any recommendations or preferences would be appreciated.

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Been to Dock’s many times, but not since Pandemic. Went to Knife and Fork a few weeks ago and had a really good meal. Unless you have your heart set on seafood, I’d give Knife and Fork a slight nod. And, for what its worth, I had a nice piece of pistachio encrusted branzino and K&F. Enjoy!!


So the wife and I go down to AC at least once a month. We rotate through the casinos but love to venture out. For what it’s worth, we were talking to some industry folks a few years back before covid, and they were ranking where to get the best steak. Across the board, the industry secret for the best steak is the ny strip at Angeline in The Borgata. It’s a wood-fired chard to perfection masterpiece. We have been regulars ever since.


Well I dragged my feet and both K&F and Docks are now booked. Yay me.

I’m smaht.

Dam really? I’m actually heading down later today, eating at Carmine’s in Trop. My nieces 21st b-day so Carmine’s is the go to spot for large groups like this. All things considered Carmine’s isn’t horrible, but my heart will always belong to the Knife and Fork.

@AndrewMalecki Very interesting, I’m not a big Borgata fan, but I’m surprised to hear your report, obviously you would think Old Homestead would hold the title of best steak in Borgata, I’ll have to remember Angeline, but honestly I doubt it could lure me away from Knife and Fork, just too many memories there.


If you’ve never been, Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern (non-casino, by the outlets) is a great place for a large group. The food itself is average, but the atmosphere is what the makes the place.

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That is according to their online res service, I didn’t actually pick up a phone… There was actually availability last night for a 9:15 reservation. Not sure of how many as I was searching for deuces.

I would be honored to have a drink, throw some dice, etc. at some point if you are in the mood.

As advertised, would return. Sat at the bar, but very nice view from the tables at the window. Cheese steak spring roll, filet mignon sliders, veal caprese



In other news, I may have been roofied by a tall good looking man.

If it had to happen, at least i he was good looking.


On the off chance my hungover humor is taken the wrong way, I was not roofied.

I was overserved. No one’s fault but my own

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Too bad I was going to say whomever the roofier was a lucky SOB!! I has roofied twice in life once as a young man at a club in NYC and the other as an adult not too long ago. Thanks to a member of the Phocidae and Otariidae families whom we all know and love so well.