Asparagus tacos?

I’m looking to combine to two current obsessions… I found this recipe from the reliable Serious Eats, but I’m not quite sure.

Maybe I should add a little chorizo or bacon to push the dish into more familiar taco territory? Any thoughts? Anybody tried the linked recipe? Any other ideas to satisfy my bundle a day habit?

My only issue with it, and it would probably be a no-go for me, is that the precious spring asparagus would be completely covered up by all the spiciness. Take it down to something like onions, cilantro, cheese and I think it would be very nice.

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Asparagus guacamole is all the rage here in NJ.

I would make it by the recipe the first time, Kenji’s recipes are usually excellent. You could do a side of refried beans to make it feel more mexican somehow…
These sound delicious to me!

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Or whole beans.

I gave this a try and it was very good - I basically pureed the stalks (reserved tips) and stirred it into smashed avocado with salt, lime, cilantro and cayenne. I garnished with the tips. Still haven’t gotten around to the Serious Eats recipe.

Sorry, Sonoran desert resident here. Although Mexico is the third largest source of asparagus in the world, ACCORDING TO SAM FUJISAKA- just so you don’t think I’m talking out of my arse.
No, no way. Asparagus should be enjoyed on its own merits, not buried in a taco. By the same token, nobody should have to bite into a taco and be blindsided by asparagus. To me, it would be like putting- oh never mind, picture your own culinary nightmare here.

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L. O. L. And, yeah :slight_smile:
PS: Will always miss Sam. … I just looked and Sam died in 2010. That blows my mind.